Obsessed with Your BFF? 19 Signs You’re in a Codependent Friendship

While codependency is often thought of as something specific to romantic relationships, it can happen with your BFF, too. In fact, you might be in a codependent friendship at this very moment and not even know it – they’re that all-consuming that sometimes, isn’t even something you’re aware of until someone sits you down and forces you to see the light. So how do you know when you’re in a co-dependent friendship?

You know where she is at all times.

You can easily, without missing a beat, list everything your friend is doing from the very second they left work. You even know what they’ll be having for dinner, because you two consulted about it earlier in the day.

You can’t make decisions without her.

Whether it’s buying a dress or the person you should date, you’re just completely incapable of making a move without her input.

You’re emotionally invested… to a fault.

It’s one thing to care and even care deeply, but it’s another thing when your emotional status is dependent upon your friend’s emotional status. Newsflash: You are not Elliot and they are not ET.

You are each other’s number one priority

. You not only put her before all your other friends, but you also put her above you and your own needs. Basically, you’d willingly give her the last slice of pizza even if you were starving.

You spend your moments apart obsessing about what she’s doing.

Even though you know what she’s doing and vice versa, it still doesn’t stop you from obsessing. Is she thinking about me right now, too?

You get jealous of other friends.

If she goes out with a coworker or, god forbid, a new friend, you feel like you need to tell this person to back off. Your friend is spoken for and you don’t share well with others… like, ever.

You can’t think of a future without her.

While you may be able to see yourself married with two kids someday, your friend is always there, too. You know, right in the house next door.

You’re basically identical at this point.

It’s as if you fear rejection if you’re not identical in every way. So, you just amend who you are and what you think for her approval.

You don’t have a social circle.

I mean, you used to, but not so much anymore. You’ve convinced your codependent friendship is all you need.

Your day is made when you help her.

Your life is given a deeper purpose just because you were able to solve the great mystery of whether or not your friend looks better in blue than green.

You’re prone to destructive behavior together.

You two give new meaning to the term “partners in crime,” because when you do bad things together, it just feels right.

Boundaries don’t exist.

Every relationship should have some sort of boundaries, but if you’re in a codependent friendship, you’re likely to tilt your head to the side and say, “Boundaries? What boundaries?”

You’re in a world of your own together

. It’s not just about not having other friends, but being so consumed in each other’s lives that where one individual stops and the other starts is impossible to recognize.

You have a higher than normal opinion of each other.

You’re totally convinced that neither one of you can do any wrong. In fact, you know you’re both superior to everyone else in the world.

You’re constantly in contact. Non stop.

You’d text each other in your sleep if you could.

You never, ever get sick of each other.

Tiring of each other is completely impossible – so much so that when people ask you if you ever get sick of each other, you’re baffled why someone would suggest something so insane.

You stress out about something bad happening to her.

It’s not just that it would hurt to lose her, but the idea of living without her gives you a panic attack. You just couldn’t do it.

You seriously wonder how you existed before her.

That is, if you allow yourself to go to that dark place of life before her.

You’ve seen Heavenly Creatures and said, “OMG, that’s us!”

Starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey, Heavenly Creatures is based on the true story of two best friends who plot and murder the mother of one of them for trying to keep them apart. Peter Jackson directs it, so you know it’s pretty good.

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