I Only Dated Hot Guys For A Year & It Was Awful

I’m generally attracted to nerdier guys who are really into technology or history rather than the sporty, conventionally sexy types. Still, I found myself curious about dating hot guys so I did exclusively that for a year. It was way less fun than I thought it’d be.

  1. Hot guys are hard to find. When I decided to only date hot guys, I thought finding them would be the easy part. I always see amazing looking guys when I’m out drinking or even just walking around the grocery store. The issue is that not all hot guys are single and then there’s no guarantee that the ones who are will be interested in dating me. I spent a lot of time on dating sites and actually approaching guys while out to even find someone to date. It basically became a part-time job and it was exhausting.
  2. I was making a lot of compromises. I quickly realized that in order to attract hotter guys, I would have to look hotter myself. I don’t think I’m unattractive, but I can be lazy about my appearance, so that had to change. To keep the dates flowing, I had to agree to dates with guys I wouldn’t usually even socialize with; some of them were very arrogant, had opposing political views to me, or our personalities didn’t gel. I put all of these things that would normally be deal breakers aside so that I could achieve my goal of dating a hot guy. Ugh.
  3. I was missing out on loads of interesting dates. Once I was fully immersed in the hot guy world, I was suddenly getting a lot more attention from guys who would usually have been my type. Maybe I’m too stubborn, but since my goal for that year was to only date stereotypically hot guys, that’s what I did. I turned down a few dates that the year before I would have jumped at and I’m still kicking myself.
  4. They seemed to have more baggage. Men are complicated in general, but hot guys seem even more complex than usual. Perhaps I’d had it easy with all of my “normal” dates, or maybe this was part of the compromise, but the guys I was dating had tons of baggage. I was constantly hearing about exes who were still on the scene and dramatic fallouts in friendship groups. It was tiring.
  5. I got very jealous. I think this was bound to happen. The main challenge of dating a hot guy is that all of their friends are hot, all of their exes are hot, and impossibly attractive women flirt with them when you’re right there. It was tough. One guy told me his ex was an actress and has appeared topless on some TV show. Obviously, I Googled her and then died a little bit inside because she was stunning. After that, I was on edge every time he even mentioned her.
  6. My confidence was affected. I think I’m reasonably attractive, pretty funny, and quite smart—I’m a great date. As the year went on, however, I was feeling worse and worse about myself. I was constantly worried about how I looked, I spent £300 in one time at the hairdresser, and was always comparing myself to women I would never look like (the shiny ones on Instagram). I became worried that I was boring and had nothing to offer in terms of my personality. After that year ended, I had to do some serious work to begin to feel good about myself again.
  7. I actually got ill. I have IBS and other digestive issues. They tend to flare up when I’m stressed at work or going through a tough time personally, usually lasting from a day to a week or so and then going away again. About six months into my year of hot guys, my stomach was the worst it’s ever been. Every time I ate anything, it was out of my body again almost immediately, I was in constant pain and I felt so bloated and lethargic all the time. None of this helped with my confidence, and this time it lasted months. I’m usually a UK size 8 but I went down to a size 6 and on more than one occasion actually fainted because I was just so tired and starving.
  8. I became a bit of a joke with my friends. At first, my friends thought I would spend a hilarious couple of months unsuccessfully trying to date Brad Pitt and then give up. Soon they were laughing as I tried to get ready (and look hot enough) for another date and quizzing me afterward to find out if we had anything at all in common.
  9. The sex was… disappointing. I thought that regardless of how tedious some of the dates were, any sex that took place with the hot guys was bound to be amazing. I was wrong. Toned chests and legs look a lot better close up, and naked hot guys were the best part of this year, but the sex tended to leave something to be desired. I fully believe that it takes two people to have bad sex, but some of the hot guys just seemed to put less effort into making it good. Maybe previous dates had found the naked hotness enough.
  10. I learned what really makes a successful date. Through all of the great hair, six-packs, and stomach agony, I found out what I really look for in a date. Great conversation, interesting date activities, and lots of laughter are very important to me. I also discovered that I don’t like guys who are too muscley, but I don’t mind if they shave or wax their chests (or anywhere else… hairless men FTW!). The most important thing that I learned (and that really helped me recover my confidence) is that I can attract and successfully date super hot guys. That must mean I’m OK too.