An Open Letter To Anyone Having A Bad Day

An Open Letter To Anyone Having A Bad Day ©iStock/valentinrussanov

Frustration, depression, loneliness, anger… we’ve all felt it. You could be having a great day, and then one thing goes wrong and it’s like a domino effect. Your bad day could be internal (moping over being single) or external (stupid Marjorie getting that promotion over you), but either way, it sounds like you need a boost.

  1. It’s okay to be bummed out, at least for a little while. People will tell you to “cheer up” or “snap out of it.” Here’s the deal: sadness, anger and irritation are normal, healthy feelings. Give yourself permission to mope if you feel like you need to — just don’t do it for too long.
  2. This won’t last forever. It may not feel like it right now, but this bad day isn’t going to stick with you for the rest of your life. Good things will come.
  3. You’re powerful. Your fate, and your feelings, are in your hands. Sometimes you feel like you have no control over your life, that you’re stuck in whatever situation you’ve found yourself in. Truth is, you have way more power than you think. Write a list of the unhappy things in your life that you could actually change, and start going through the list.
  4. Take a new spin on what bothers you.There are multiple ways to look at things. If your way just gives you a bunch of grief, change your thinking. For instance, if you’re sick of being single, think of it this way: At least you’re not in a bad relationship.
  5. There are things out there that can change your day.After you’ve moped around enough, it’s time to cheer yourself up. Do whatever it is out there that gives you unending joy. It could be cuddling your dog, watching Friends blooper videos on YouTube or sniffing seasonal candles at Michael’s craft store.
  6. Give yourself a break.It’s easy to beat yourself up, but it’s also a colossal waste of time. Being a d-bag to yourself won’t incite any lasting, positive change. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes.
  7. Give everyone else a break.That one jerk stole your parking spot, and then your boyfriend forgot to tell you that he was going out with the guys tonight. Plus, your mom won’t stop nagging you about having kids. These are all annoying, sure, but cut people some slack. Just like you should give yourself a break, give everyone else the same courtesy as well.
  8. Get help.If your bad day is turning into a bad week, to a bad month–or you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of this funk–get help. There’s nothing shameful in asking friends and family for help or calling up a therapist. The results of reaching out greatly outweigh the embarrassment of asking for help.
Trisha is a full time writer living in Montana. In her free time, she paints mountainscapes on her skin with body paint and reads a ton of YA lit.