An Open Letter To Men Who Makeup Shame Women

Women are under a lot of image pressure because of men and how they expect/prefer us to look. Makeup shaming has got to be the most annoying aside from obvious body shaming issues among society in general. But, this whole “makeup is why you take her swimming on a first date” notion is messed up and you boys need to cut it out already.

  1. It’s not false advertising if you’re not an idiot. The term “false advertising” when you refer to a woman with makeup makes us scratch our heads a little. It’s not as if we’ve ever been wearing a perfectly sculpted shade of red on our lips and told you it was natural. We’ve never denied we’re wearing it. Plus, if you think my eyelids are naturally shimmering gold, it’s not my fault you’re a moron. I’m a woman wearing make-up, not Edward Cullen.
  2. All the models you daydream about wear a ton of makeup. The babes on the Victoria’s Secret runway and those fine Instagram models you follow aren’t flawless, either. In fact, most of you rave about how hot those women who have teams of makeup artists and hair people, not to mention Photoshop, but you can’t handle it when it’s a woman you know in real life. Get over yourselves.
  3. Makeup is just plain fun. Makeup isn’t something women use simply to hide the imperfections — it’s that, too, but it’s also our art. It’s what makes being a woman fun. One day we can make our eyes look sultry and seductive, and the next we can be soft and playful. Isn’t that what men are currently doing with the beard phenomenon? I heard glitter beards are a thing now. So, same thing.
  4. We don’t care about your “trust issues.” If the fact that a woman looks different without makeup brings trust issues into question for you, then we strongly suggest you seek therapy because the only issue there is you.
  5. Not everyone has perfect skin. Believe it or not, many women suffer from skin issues. Shocking! Some of us have sensitive skin, some of us have dark circles under our eyes from the long days and nights of working hard, and some of us have problems with breakouts. Either way, it’s really not your concern, and if we want to even out our imperfections with the perfect foundation and a concealer, that’s our prerogative.
  6. Men wear makeup, too. All those superheroes you love? They’re wearing makeup, too. Heck, even your favorite sports players are dusted and powdered for on camera interviews in the press room. And some of them even like it.
  7. You’d do it too if you could. Because let’s face it, if you could contour your penises to make them look bigger, you totally would.
  8. Deal with it. Makeup is here to stay, fellas. Some of us wear little, some of us a lot, and some not at all. The point is, we do what we want and what makes us feel the most comfortable, regardless of what you think. When you shame women for wearing makeup because it’s “false advertising” and creates “trust issues”, you’re only perpetuating the idea that we shouldn’t feel confident in our own true beauty. And that makes you a loser.
  9. We’re beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what’s underneath, and as cliché as it sounds, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And if you’re unwilling to look beyond what we wear on our faces, whether it’s a mask of our favorite beauty products or what we were naturally born with, then you probably don’t deserve to know us on the inside anyways.