Opposites Attract, But These Are The Things You Need To Have In Common With Your Partner

Sometimes you fall in love when you least expect it with the person you least expect to. Opposites do indeed attract and they can keep a relationship interesting, but there are some things you should strive to have in common with your partner if you’re going to last.

  1. Your sense of humor When you first fall for them, you’ll undoubtedly find them funny. You’ll be laughing at every little thing they say because you just can’t help it. But when the initial buzz that comes with dating someone new begins to wear off, the truth will be revealed: are they still funny? A good sense of humor is sexy and we all need someone with the ability to make us laugh and cheer us up when we’re a little blue. If you laugh at the same things, you’re in good stead.
  2. Your favorite foods This is definitely underrated and seemingly unimportant at first glance. But trust me, when you love all things European and they can’t stand cheese and olives, you have a problem! If they love Mexican and you can’t handle chili and spice, that’s an even bigger problem! All I’m saying is to find someone who can choose at least one thing on the menu at your favorite place to eat.
  3. Your phone habits If you’re a double texter, you’re not going to love being in a relationship with someone who only checks their phone at breakfast and bedtime or someone who can’t text more than two consecutive words at a time! But that’s not even as bad as someone who pulls out their phone during your date and texts and Snapchats throughout the whole night. Not for me, thanks!
  4. What you like to do on the weekends I’m not saying you have to love soccer or scuba diving or sailing or whatever your partner’s into, just like they don’t have to be into running or writing like you. However, you do have to want to support each other. You have to want to be the girlfriend who cheers them on from the sidelines as they score the goal and they can volunteer to hold the shopping bags or read your writing pieces.
  5. Your musical tastes There’s something to be said for being able to perform a duet on the highway in the confines of your little car as you and your partner drive from one place to the next (and get stuck in traffic). You can’t do that if they’re into heavy metal and you’re into country. Try to find at least one genre where you can meet in the middle.
  6. Your travel goals It’s a big beautiful world out there and if you’re like me, you just can’t wait to see it all. And what could be more romantic than traveling to faraway cities with your partner? But hang on, does your S.O. crave seeing the world? If you’re dating someone who doesn’t want to leave their hometown and you’re a traveler at heart, there’s a problem. Either you’ll be miserable being stuck in one place or they’ll be miserable that you’re dragging them away all the time.
  7. Your views on having kids This could essentially make or break your blossoming relationship but please don’t avoid having this conversation. There’s no need to define exactly how many little ones you want or when you’d like to start popping them out, but at least let your partner know how you feel about kids in general. Do they find babies as adorable as you do or do they see kids as total rugrats? Being on the same page about this is a big deal.
  8. Your cravings It is bliss having a partner who has the same cravings as you, and I’m not referring to simply food cravings (though that’s handy too). Find someone who has the same appetite as you when it comes to the important things. Find a partner who shares the same thirst for knowledge you seek and you will never be bored. Find someone who has the same passion for life that you have and you will never grow old. Find a man who’s as excited about love as you are and you will never grow tired. At the end of the day, don’t settle for anyone because you deserve better.
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