These Orchids Look Like Little Monkey Faces And They Might Be The Cutest Flowers Ever

Nature is capable of doing some pretty cool things. Take hummingbird flowers, for instance. They’re pretty cool, right? The same goes for the Dracula simia flower, or the monkey orchid, a flower named such because of its resemblance to an adorable monkey’s face. How is this possible?! I’m not sure but I absolutely love them.

The columns, petal, and lip all come together to make a little monkey face. It’s hard to know whether they’re like that because they evolved that way naturally and we’re relating them to what we know monkeys to look like or if it’s something purposely done during evolution to protect them in some way. Either way, they’re incredibly cute (as much as a flower can be cute).

They’re native to South America. You can find the Dracula simia, or monkey orchid, in Ecuador and parts of Peru. However, you’ll have to be ready to climb a bit as their natural habitat tends to be in higher altitudes of up to 2,000 meters.

They bloom in any season. While many flowers have a specific blooming season, that’s not the case for the monkey orchid, which can bloom and have several flowers at any time of the year. That’s likely because the plants are native to more humid environments.

They smell amazing too. When at full bloom, the monkey orchid doesn’t just look adorable, it smells great too. The smell of ripe orange comes wafting out of the flower, making it even more incredible than it already was. Who wouldn’t love a few pots of these hanging around the house?

There are more than 100 varieties. That means no two monkey orchids will look the same and you can see loads of different ones depending on where you are/what variety you’re looking at. Isn’t nature super cool? I think so!

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