Oreo Is Releasing Chocolate Marshmallow And Caramel Coconut Flavors In 2020

Oreo Is Releasing Chocolate Marshmallow And Caramel Coconut Flavors In 2020 Oreo

Oreos are one of the most classic snack foods ever. They’re chocolatey yet creamy and crunchy and delicious. Pretty much every flavor they come out with is amazing, and the new flavors they company has just announced for 2020 will be no exception.

  1. Chocolate marshmallow and caramel coconut are going to be delicious. Seriously, what’s not to love? I imagine the caramel coconut to be kinda like the Samoa cookies you get from the Girl Scouts (not identical but similar) and the chocolate marshmallow ones have little marshmallow pieces in the cookie with chocolate marshmallow flavored cream and I’m here for several packs of each.
  2. They’ll be out in January 2020. Thankfully, these flavors don’t seem to be exclusive to any one retailer so you should be able to grab some wherever Oreos are sold beginning in January 2020. Sure, the timing isn’t ideal since post-Christmas is basically when everyone realizes they’ve eaten their weight in junk food for the past several months and need to make a change, but a few Oreos never hurt anyone, right?
  3. There are so many possible flavor combinations. It’s always interesting to see what flavors Oreo comes up with and which ones become popular and stick around while others fade away. For instance, remember when everyone was going nuts over those Oreos that had the little Fruity Pebbles pieces in those? They were not my favorite. The cookie dough ones were also kinda weird. However, the grand majority of flavors were tasty even if just to try once. I always wonder what they’ll come up with next!
  4. I have some suggestions! Thankfully, Oreo has brought out Latte flavored cookies because I am here for all things coffee and they’re delicious. However, what about a donut flavor of some sort? What about coffee crumb cake? I guess they’ve kinda tried everything else I would want that I could think of, but I’m sure they’ll think up more that I never knew I needed and I’ll buy every single one.
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