Oreo Popcorn Exists Now, So Say Hello To Your New Favorite Snack

I feel like all of us can agree that Oreos are the best (packaged) cookie out there. They’re the perfect combo of chocolate and vanilla, just the right texture (crunchy cookies with smooth cream inside), and they’re even vegan! They go good with anything—in ice cream, on top of brownies, and now in popcorn form too because Sam’s Club is selling a new variety of Candy Pop popcorn, this time with Oreos.

  1. It’s called Cookie Pop and I need it immediately. The popcorn is coated in the melted interior creme of Oreos and then rolled in crumbled cookie pieces. If that doesn’t sound like the most delicious snack you’ve ever heard of, I don’t know what to say to you.
  2. This isn’t the first time they’ve gone down this road. A few years ago, Cookie Pop released a cookies & cream variety, and while I’m sure that was super tasty, that one didn’t use Oreos and this one features the real deal, so I’m not too sad about missing out on the old version.
  3. The yummy treat is exclusive to Sam’s Club. That means you won’t be able to get it at your local grocery store and will need to hit up a Sam’s Club location to get a hold of it. Even if you have to travel a bit, I feel like it’s a trip worth making, don’t you?
  4. It comes in 20 oz. bags so you can share with friends. Or not! I won’t judge you for keeping it all for yourself. The bags will retail for $5.98. That might seem slightly pricy for a bag of popcorn, but given that you’re basically getting two snacks in one bag, it’s totally worth it.
  5. Oreo popcorn will be in stores from next week. Cookie Pop’s Oreo popcorn is slated to begin hitting store shelves during the week of January 21, which means you’re only a few short days away from putting one of the tastiest treats ever made in your mouth. I haven’t eaten it yet but I still feel confident saying that this is going to be diabolically good. Let me know if you happen to get a hold of some (and then send me a dozen bags).
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