Oreo Has Released A Trolls Cookie Complete With Glittery Pink Creme

As far as supermarket cookies go, Oreos are definitely the best of the best. They’re the perfect combo of crunchy chocolate cookie and deliciously sugary vanilla creme and they’re pretty much the ideal treat. However, that didn’t stop the brand from taking the game to the next level: Oreo just released a Trolls cookie complete with glittery pink creme!

  1. This is the perfect collaboration. Oreo teamed up with Dreamworks ahead of the release of Trolls World Tour, which is coming to theatres on April 17 to release a special edition of the classic cookie. It may seem like a strange mashup, but I’m on board for any type of cookie Oreo wants to release, so I’m not complaining!
  2. The Trolls Oreos aren’t actually out until March 2020. That’s according to Oreo’s official Instagram account. That’s still plenty of time to stock up on them ahead of the release of the movie they’re supporting, and some people have already spotted them in the wild!
  3. A photo of the final packaging was posted to Instagram. You can always count on Insta foodies to share the latest and greatest products before the rest of us even know they exist, and that’s how we got a peek at the Trolls Oreo packaging. Instagrammer @markie_devo shared a photo of the cookies, which is how we know that they contain “pink colored cream with glitter.”
  4. Even if they don’t taste any different, they’ll still be delicious. There’s no indication that the Trolls Oreos taste any different to regular Oreos even if they have the added colored cream bonus. That being said, they don’t need a special flavor to still be worth buying. After all, as I said, Oreos are delicious as-is, and you’ll need some snacks to bring with you when you go see Trolls World Tour in theaters, right?
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