Orlando Bloom Encounters Great White Shark While Paddleboarding

Orlando Bloom took to Instagram this week to share a terrifying encounter he had with a great white shark while out paddleboarding. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was in the Pacific Ocean enjoying some exercise with a friend when his own personal Jaws came swimming up. Needless to say, it must have been a terrifying experience.

  1. The scary encounter was caught on video by photographer @themalibuartist. Orlando Bloom posted the video to his Instagram page after the incident, admitting that “fear” nearly got the better of him. Carlos had experience capturing great whites on film. However, he still recognizes how terrifying the predators can be to humans. No one wants to lose a limb or their life to the animal!
  2. Carlos takes a perverse pleasure at freaking people out about sharks. Writing on his own Instagram page, he admits that people often don’t realize how close they are to great whites, leading them to feel shocked when they find out. “I do enjoy the look in people’s eyes when I let them know they were next to a great white shark,” he wrote. “Usually it’s somewhat of a surprised reaction sprinkled with a little bit of fear. But more and more I’m seeing folks happy and asking questions about them.”
  3. Thankfully, the reality wasn’t quite as terrifying as it looked. While Orlando Bloom appeared to be in imminent danger in his Instagram video, he wasn’t. In truth, Carlos says the shark was only a baby and wouldn’t have attacked him. However, he hoped the video might change people’s attitudes. By seeing how calmly Bloom swam with them, perceptions might change.
  4. In reality, shark attacks are incredibly rare. Even Steven Spielberg has apologized to sharks for the bad rap they’ve gotten in the wake of “Jaws.” However, shark attacks are not at all common. In fact, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning. We should all learn to live more peacefully with nature.


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Featured image credit: Orlando Bloom/Instagram & Alexander Siebelt/CC-BY-SA 3.0

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