Owner Of Controversial $20 Million ‘Sky Mansion’ On Top Of 400ft Skyscraper Won’t Get To Live In It

The owner of a sprawling 40,000 square-foot mansion built on top of a 400ft skyscraper in Bengaluru, India, may never get to live in the controversial abode. Businessman Vijay Mallya financed the $20 million project, but considering he left India in March 2016 to come to the UK after defaulting on more than $1 billion worth of loans and facing fraud charges, chances are he’ll never get to move in.

This house is pretty nuts.

The mansion has an infinity pool, sprawling gardens, a helipad and more. Even crazier is that it’s built on top of a massive skyscraper and overlooks the city below. The chairman of Prestige Estates Projects, Irfan Razack, said creating such a home posed several difficulties. “It was a challenge to construct the mansion on a huge cantilever at that height, but we have ensured we build it exactly the way it was conceived. It’s a complex structure and the finishing work is going on,” he said.

Despite Mallya no longer living in India and owing millions of dollars, the project is going ahead.

Razack said that Mallya’s legal situation isn’t his concern and that the home will be completed. “We will finish the project as per contract and hand it over,” he insisted.

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India has been trying to get Mallya extradited back to his home country to face justice.

British Security Minister Tom Tungendhat insists that the UK won’t allow criminals to hide in the country, telling PTI: “We both (the UK and India) have legal processes that must be gone through. But the UK government is absolutely clear, we have no intention of becoming a place where those who are seeking to evade justice can hide.” However, at the moment, Mallya is still free to live in England.

It’s unclear what will end up happening to the mansion.

It’s unlikely Mallya will ever return to India to live in the home, and the high price means that most people would never be able to afford it. Even those who could might not want to live on top of a skyscraper. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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