Pandora Employee Exposes Cheating Man Who Bought Rings For Two Different Women

A former Pandora employee has exposed a cheating customer who bragged about being unfaithful and purchased two rings – one for each of the women he was seeing. While the employee, who lives in the Montreal area, quit her job for unrelated reasons, she decided to expose the cheater after her final shift in an epic video on TikTok. Looks like his cover is blown now!


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  1. Cheating is one of the worst ways you can betray someone. If you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone, you should end it. If you want to see someone else other than your partner, you should leave your current relationship so that you’re free to do so. If you want to see multiple people at once, you need to have a discussion about polyamory and if your partner isn’t on board with it, you need to leave. It really is that simple. Being unfaithful is hurtful and destroys people’s ability to trust. Your partner deserves better than that. Being too cowardly to own up to your feelings is no excuse.
  2. Eli, the former Pandora employee who served the guy, decided to get real. “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in [Montreal], he just bought two rings for ‘his girl and sidepiece,'” she said in the clip. She then shared a picture of the rings and said, “You deserve better!”
  3. It wasn’t long before Jake was caught out. The power of social media! In a follow-up video posted roughly two weeks later, Eli revealed that thanks to her video, the cheating jerk was caught by his girlfriend – and his side piece. “I received a DM three days ago asking me to confirm with a pic of him and both girls were not aware,” she explained. “She sent me a picture of both the rings but both girls wanted to keep their names private. They are both no longer speaking with him at all and three of us have a snap group chat.”
  4. Something tells me they’re better off without Jake. Maybe next time he’ll learn not to go around bragging about his infidelity (because God knows he won’t have learned that cheating is wrong).

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