Paramore’s Hayley Williams And Taylor York Confirm They’re Dating — It’s About Time!

Paramore fans have been hoping and speculating for years about a potential romance between lead singer Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York, but now it seems as if they finally have something to celebrate as the musicians have actually confirmed that they’re dating. The “announcement,” if it can be called that, came in a new interview with Williams published in The Guardian on Thursday following the release of Paramore’s new single, “This Is Why.”

The pair have known one another for 15 years. Williams has always been the frontwoman of Paramore since the bands inception in 2004, but York joined not long after in 2007 and has remained ever since. While it’s unclear how long Hayley Williams and Taylor York have been dating, their relationship is likely to be a semi-recent development.

Williams was married to New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert until 2017. The pair announced their split that year but planned to “remain close friends who are good in each other’s eyes.” Their statement continued: “Hopefully, you’ll understand that the personal aspects of what we are going through are not for anyone else to carry. Only us,” their statement continued. “To allow people any further into this moment in our lives would be to dishonor our history together and our ability to move forward with integrity. Thank you to fans of both of our bands and for all the kindness you’ve shown to both of us for so many years. Thanks to our families for loving us in all our seasons.”  Not much has been heard about Williams’ dating life since.

Neither Williams nor York plans to comment further on their relationship. While the Guardian interview did confirm their romance, it also made it clear that the relationship isn’t up for discussion and they wouldn’t be offering any further comment on it. Fair enough — everyone is entitled to their privacy!

Paramore will release their new album in February 2023. The album, called This Is Why, will be the band’s sixth.


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