New York Parent Files Legal Request For Permission To Marry Their Own Adult Child

A parent in New York has filed a legal request for permission to marry their own adult child. According to the New York Post, the parent, whose gender and identity remain anonymous along with that of their child’s, is trying to argue that laws barring incestuous relationships should be abolished since it should be a matter of “individual autonomy.”

  1. The parent wants to remain anonymous. While you would think someone who plans to spend the rest of their lives as a spouse of their own child would realize that people will find out eventually, the parent filing the suit wants their identity kept private since it’s “an action that a large segment of society views as morally, socially and biologically repugnant,” according to the court documents.
  2. They can’t be happy without actually being married. While some would argue that if they really want to be together, the parent and child could be in a relationship without ever tying the knot, but that’s not enough for this parent. “Through the enduring bond of marriage, two persons, whatever relationship they might otherwise have with one another, can find a greater level of expression, intimacy and spirituality,” they state in the claim, which was filed on April 1 in Manhattan Federal Court.
  3. The parent and child are both adults and won’t be having kids. While the details of the case are pretty slim considering the nature of it, we do know a few things: “The proposed spouses are adults. The proposed spouses are biological parent and child. The proposed spouses are unable to procreate together.” While it’s good to know that they can’t have children together that could potentially have genetic issues, some people still aren’t convinced.
  4. At the moment, incest is a felony in New York state. It’s a third-degree felony in the state and could carry up to four years in prison if convicted of it. Not only that, but marriages between people who are related are always voided immediately, with each of the spouses facing up to six months in prison. It’s unlikely this suit will be successful, but hey, I guess they tried.
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