My Parents Treated Me Like A Queen My Whole Life, So I Don’t Expect Less From A Guy

My Parents Treated Me Like A Queen My Whole Life, So I Don’t Expect Less From A Guy ©iStock/BraunS

I love my mom and dad to pieces, but they kind of shot me in the foot when it comes to dating. Why? My parents have treated me like a queen my whole life, so now I don’t expect anything less from a guy.

  1. The bar has already been set. And set quite high, I might add. The whole time I’ve been alive, my parents have treated me with respect and kindness so I expect the same courtesy from other people. They always taught me to treat other people how I want to be treated, so if a guy is good to me, that’s what he’ll get in return. Sometimes having high expectations when it comes to dating is considered a negative thing, but I don’t think so. I believe that the right guy will rise up to meet them. If he doesn’t, he can go.
  2. I’ve been taught that I’m worthy of love from a young age. I’ve been showered with love and affection my entire life, so naturally I want the same from a guy. If he can’t tell me how much he cares or is emotionally unavailable in any way, I don’t have time for that crap. I want to receive the love that I think I deserve as well as spoil someone with my love. However, I refuse to wait around on a guy who can’t be open and honest with me about his feelings. Why? Because I don’t have any respect for time-wasters.
  3. Manners are everything. From holding doors open to not starting dinner before everybody at the table has their meal in front of them, I’ve been taught to have manners when it comes to other people and I expect the same courtesy back. I’m not trying to be demanding, I just really appreciate the little things when it comes to a guy being polite and gentlemanly. For instance, pulling out my chair for me before I sit down at our table at the restaurant is a sweet gesture and it shows that he holds me in high regard.
  4. I deserve attention. I’m not into the kind of guys who ignore your texts or purposefully don’t call you back for three days after a date to “keep you on your toes.” If a guy wants to leave me hanging in any way, shape, or form then he can get out. My parents always spoiled me with their time and attention so I want a guy who can show me the same kindness.
  5. Being wined and dined is much appreciated. I don’t need a guy’s money because I make my own. That being said, I’m an old school romantic so I’ve always loved the idea of being wined and dined. It’s not everything to me in a relationship, but it’s nice to be treated to dinner every now and again if the guy I’m dating can afford it. It makes me feel taken care of and treasured.
  6. I like to be shown that he cares. I don’t expect big, lavish gifts when I’m in a relationship, but I do rather enjoy the little things that show he’s thinking of me, just like my parents have demonstrated my whole life. For example, who can resist a “good morning” text or being tagged in a Facebook meme that only the two of you will understand? It’s personal, it’s cute, and it means a lot that he takes the time out of his busy day just to make me feel special.
  7. I want him to be proud to be with me. Just as my mom and dad are proud to have me as their daughter, I want a guy who’s proud of being with me and likes to show me off to the people he knows. If he’s scared to introduce me to people or commit to me then I’m not interested. I’m a catch, damn it. If he doesn’t act like it, then I don’t want to know him. #BrutalButTrue
  8. I deserve loyalty and respect. My parents have taught me my whole life that I deserve to be treated with respect and loyalty. If a guy is trying to take advantage of me or my feelings or take me for a fool by messing around behind my back when he’s promised me exclusivity then he can straight up get out of my life. I have a good nature, but I’m not about to let some a-hole take me for a ride at this point in my life. To put it simply: I have no tolerance for BS.
  9. I want him to look after me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong, independent woman. I can take care of myself. However, what woman doesn’t like being looked after from time to time? It’s the whole “knight in shining armor” thing that has been engraved in our heads since we were young and impressionable. I realize it’s the 21st century, but I still want a guy to take care of me and dote on me like the badass queen I am. And if he doesn’t? I’ll just have to look elsewhere.
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