10 Signs Your Partner Is Falling For Someone Else Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Is there anything worse than being with someone but knowing that you’re losing them because they’re in love with someone else? They might not say it but you can see it. If not, here are 10 signs it’s happening.

  1. They talk about someone else. Yup, this is the classic sign that your partner is falling for someone else. They have a serious case of mentionitis and can’t stop mentioning the other person. They might do it without even mentioning the person’s name by saying, “I have a friend who does that…” or “I know this person who says that…” You might even know totally random information about the new person at their work. Odd. But wait, isn’t that what someone does when they’re head over heels? They just want to talk about their crush all the time, even if it’s pointless stuff.
  2. They don’t spend money on dates. Sometimes a partner who’s made another person their priority won’t spend time on their main squeeze. Other times, they’ll show their lack of interest by not spending money on their S.O. All his spare cash is going to fantastic dates with someone else.
  3. They don’t care it’s your anniversary. When you mention that it’s your one-month anniversary coming up next month, they don’t even flinch, or they make a joke out of it. Clearly, they don’t seem to care. It’s easy to write this off as your partner not being into that sort of thing, but it can point to a deeper issue ift they used to love celebrating those milestones with you. But think about it: why would you celebrate relationship milestones if you’re over the person you’re dating?
  4. They don’t talk about their loved ones. While you might notice that they’re speaking about another person more than he used to, another sign that you’re not the only one in your partner’s life is if they stop informing you about their loved ones’ lives. For example, maybe you remembered that it was their cousin’s b-day last weekend but your partner just says, “Oh.” It’s like they’re trying to cut you out of their life. Another red flag: they stop inviting you out with their friends.
  5. They’re going through the motions. They might still text you daily, but they don’t seem to bring anything interesting to the table. They’ll ask you how you are doing and how your day was, but it’s all lukewarm stuff. Where’s the passion gone? Maybe to someone else. It’s hard to cultivate two relationships simultaneously so it makes sense that they’ll be reducing their efforts with you to focus on someone else.
  6. They’re prioritizing their friends more than ever. Suddenly, they want to hang out with their friends much more. Or, they’re suddenly interested in hanging out with new friends. Weird.
  7. They’re over your relationship issues. Maybe you had a recent spat over something and your partner seemed really committed to fixing it. But now that it’s come up again, they’re not interested in working through it at all. They’d rather just pretend it never happened or ask you to just move on. Things are left unresolved because your partner is checking out of the relationship.
  8. They want more space than usual. Now, having some space in a relationship is healthy and should be encouraged. But what if you’re totally cool with your partner having space to do their own thing but they seem to crave more and more space away from you? Someone else could be taking up that space.
  9. They don’t notice things about you. You used to love how they’d immediately spot that you were upset or had been crying, but these days, your partner hardly notices when you’re quieter than usual or going through a tough time. In fact, they hardly make eye contact with you these days. Red flags!
  10. They avoid flirting. Maybe your partner used to love flirting with you but now they never do it anymore. Or maybe they actually shut you down when you try to sext or even give them some PDA. It’s clear that they’re distancing themselves both physically and emotionally. If you’re still having sex as usual, you might not think these other signs are a big deal, but they can be telling. Maybe for now theyr’e quite happy to have you and someone else on the side, but they’re trying to move on from you.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.