My Partner Told Me Anyone Would Be Lucky To Have Me So I Dumped Him

“Anyone would be lucky to have you.” It’s something guys tend to say when they’re trying to placate a woman, usually after a breakup. That’s why it was so jarring when my boyfriend said it to me. I didn’t waste any time—I broke up with him immediately.

  1. Anyone would be lucky to have me… except for him. I was waiting for a qualifier at the end of that sentence—you know, “Anyone would be lucky to have you… especially me!”—but it never came. He kind of left this open space hanging at the end of that sentence, which told me everything I needed to know about his feelings for me without him saying a word. If anyone would be lucky to have me, why didn’t he include himself in that?
  2. It’s such a cliché line and I’ve heard it a dozen times before. I’ve heard it a million times when getting turned down by a guy. Maybe we’d go on a few dates but our personalities wouldn’t match. The end would come and he’d start spewing crap about what a catch I was for basically any guy but him. I don’t want to hear something like that from my partner because I know it just means that the inevitable is coming.
  3. I already knew that any guy would be lucky to have me and I didn’t need to be reminded. I don’t need the empty platitudes. I know that I’m a person worthy of love and respect. I know that I have a lot to offer a relationship. It’s something that I worked very hard to realize in myself and that I’m confident about now. What was his point in saying it?
  4. It doesn’t actually mean anything. Would any random guy on the street be lucky to have me? Does it say something about my worth as a person? Why would someone be lucky to have me? Is it because I’m self-reliant? Is it because I have a good sense of humor? Because I can cook? Because I know how to change a tire or because I am really good at listening and offering advice? My partner couldn’t seem to pinpoint exactly what about me made “anyone” so lucky.
  5. I didn’t want just anyone, I wanted him. The thing about being told that anyone would be lucky to have me is that it meant that we were heading towards the end of the relationship. He was already trying to soften me up for the inevitable end. He was trying to prepare me, clearly, because if anyone would be lucky to have me, I didn’t have to feel bad that he didn’t want me, right?
  6. I’m not the first woman he said it to and I won’t be the last. I wish I could get all the women who have ever heard this terrible line and put them all in a room to air out their grievances. This probably wasn’t the first time my partner had uttered that phrase to a woman and I knew that it definitely wouldn’t be the last. If anyone would be lucky to have me, then I shouldn’t have to worry about my partner not wanting me. The fact that I did meant that there was something wrong with the relationship.
  7. I didn’t see him match his actions to his words. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I know the failings I have as a partner and I also know where I excel. My partner said the words that meant he thought I was a catch but he really didn’t prove it very much. He wasn’t exactly making an effort to prove that he was one of the many people who would be lucky to have me as a partner.
  8. I deserve way, WAY more than just anyone. If I pointed to a random man off the street, he might be lucky to have me, but would I be lucky to have him? I’m worth more than just some dude who has nothing to offer me but is willing to take advantages of the perks of being with such a badass woman as me. I’m worth someone who will meet me halfway in a relationship, and someone who will treat me the way I deserve.
  9. Turns out, I was the unlucky one. I needed someone who was going to be my equal partner, in it 100% just like me, not someone who already had one foot out the door. I didn’t have any time in my life for someone who was ready to leave, so I left first.
  10. From now on, I’m raising my standards. I already know what makes other people lucky to have me—that’s not the problem anymore. Now, I need to know why I’m lucky to have my partner. I need to know what the other person is bringing into the relationship. If nothing else, I now know what I deserve in a relationship and I won’t accept anything less.
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