‘Passport Bro’ Only Dates Overseas Because It’s Easier Than In The US

Austin Abeyta, better known as @digital_bromad on TikTok, has earned quite a following thanks to his international dating adventures. The self-proclaimed “passport bro” only dates overseas as he claims it’s so much better than in the US where he lives. Of course, while there’s nothing wrong with living your best life when you’re young, single, and ready to mingle (assuming it’s all above board/consensual), dudes who sleep around with women in other countries are, to many people, glorified f*ckboys, but Austin insists he’s nothing like that.

He believes that international dating is a viable and solid option for Americans who are sick of dating within the States. According to Austin, women from other countries find American men to be “exotic” (that’s a first!) and therefore more attractive.

“I know it sounds crazy, but you have an accent,” he explained in a clip. “The American accent is kind of trash, to be honest. But the fact that you have one, it peppers your words. It gives everything you say a little bit of weight, a little bit of spice. It makes it more exciting.”


Passport bros are right, dating overseas is easier for a variety of reasons. Here are three important ones passportbros passportboys singlelife

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He says being able to talk to people from different walks of life gives you more to talk about and “keeps things like and keeps things fun.” This ultimately leads to better dates.

Austin also points out that the strength of the US dollar does make it easier for Americans to live like kings and queens overseas. “I would have to make four times what I currently make in order to live in America the way I do while I travel,” he explains.

However, not everyone is a fan of his plan. In fact, one commenter pointed out that it’s “weird to solely go to another country especially the poorer ones just to get at women bc ur [American]” while another compared his behavior to a “mail-order bride” situation. But whatever anyone thinks, Austin Abeyta is clearly living his best life.

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