There’s A Bracelet That Will Shock You Every Time You Eat Too Much Junk Food

While we should all love ourselves just the way we are, there’s no sense in lying—for most of us, it’d be nice to be able to lose a few pounds. Well, a product being sold on Amazon seems to have the answer. It’s a bracelet that shocks you every time you eat too much junk food—yes, really.

It’s called the Pavlok. It’s an obvious play on Pavlov, the scientist who trained a dog via conditioning. The bracelet claims it can do the same thing: break your bad habits via simple conditioning.

It’ll provide you with a bit of a shock. Every time you partake in the bad habit, you’ll receive a minor shock. The technology is known as “zaptic feedback,” which is apparently more than 80 years old and has helped more than 50,000 people via this product alone to stop smoking, stop oversleeping, or stop overeating.

It’s pretty good on the technology too. Pavlok 2 claims that it has a faster processor and many more features than its competitors (not that I knew they even had competitors). It also offers bluetooth connectivity and motion sensors that actually learn from the user. It integrates with your phone and allows you to connect with friends and social apps to really keep you accountable. Sounds good to me!

Admittedly, it’s a bit expensive. The Pavlok 2 retails for just under $200, which means it’s not going to be an automatic purchase for many people. However, if you look at the bigger picture, it might make sense. Assuming it works, the upfront cost could offset the cost of things you would be spending money on like cigarettes, junk food, etc. Worth it? I think so.

It has mixed reviews. Some people swear by the Pavlok 2, insisting it’s helped them break bad habits and avoid relapses into serious addictions like drugs and alcohol. Others say it’s crap and totally worthless. Obviously everyone is different and there are no guarantees, but it could be worth it if you’ve tried everything else to break your bad habit and nothing has worked.

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