PBR Has Released A Hard Peach Tea That Tastes Like Summer In A Can

PBR Has Released A Hard Peach Tea That Tastes Like Summer In A Can PBR

With summer finally just around the corner — hello, warm, sunny days spent in the sun! — it’s time to start thinking what we’re going to be drinking through Labor Day. I’ve got the answer: PBR’s new Hard Peach Tea. If you haven’t already tried it, now’s the time (as are the months of June, July, August…).

  1. It just started popping up in March. You probably haven’t seen PBR Hard Peach Tea on store shelves just yet, and if that’s the case, don’t stress — it’s only just being released so it will start rolling out at more places over the coming weeks and months. Keep your eyes peeled!
  2. So what’s it taste like? According to one description, it’s “bold black tea and natural peach flavor blend into a refreshing and satisfying brew.” Sounds delicious! Each can is only 100 calories and has an ABV of 4%, so that’s a pretty decent beverage.
  3. Just imagine yourself in paradise with this stuff. You may be stuck at home in the moment with nowhere to go and nothing to do, but drinking PBR Hard Peach Tea can transport you immediately to better days at the beach, the waves lapping against the sand, the sun shining down on you as tan on your beach towel, a drink in hand. I can just feel my stress melting away, can you?
  4. This would be a great party drink. You might be thinking about all the parties you’re going to throw this summer once the season of self-isolation is gone, and I get it. No party is complete without some PBR, so why not put a twist on it and add some Hard Peach Tea to the mix? I guarantee you everyone in attendance will be pleasantly surprised by the new flavor in the mix. And if not, hey, more for you!
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