Peanut Butter Nails Are The Latest Beauty Trend That’s Happening Whether We Want It Or Not

The great thing about trends is that there’s something for everyone. Not every popular item of clothing or beauty practice is going to be for everyone, and that’s part of what’s so fun. However, there are some that are so eyebrow-raising that there aren’t many people who understand them, let alone want to try them. Peanut butter nails might just fit the bill. I mean, what’s going on here?


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Peanut butter nails are pretty much exactly what they sound like. A nail artist on TikTok who uses the handle @ilysmnails debuted the look, much to everyone’s confusion. However, at the heart of things, all you need to know is that we’re talking about false nails made of peanut butter.

So wait, how does this work? Peanut butter isn’t really something you can just wear around on your hands and live a normal life, but don’t worry, there’s a slight bit of logic involved. In essence, you press creamy peanut butter into acrylic nails and eventually dry them into a solid look.

The method of getting there is… a little gross. As seen in the TikTok video, the woman presses her nails into a giant jar of peanut butter, squishing it around on top of and underneath the nail, which kinda makes me want to gag just typing about. “Anyone allergic to peanuts? Please be careful and stay away from this nail,” she captioned the clip.

The finished product isn’t really all that bad. While “peanut butter” isn’t necessarily a shade everyone wants to rock on their fingertips, it actually looks pretty nice. However, many commenters pointed out that there’s probably a legit nail polish that’s this shade so there’s really no need to go to these lengths. Fun for the internet, anyway!

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