Peeps Cereal Exists And It’s Full Of Chick-Shaped Marshmallows

Peeps Cereal Exists And It’s Full Of Chick-Shaped Marshmallows Facebook/Peeps Brand

Love them or hate them, Peeps are a quintessential part of Easter. Those fluffy little sugary marshmallow sweets come in many colors and flavors (and they’re better when you open the packet and let them go stale, just FYI) and now you can even get Peeps cereal full of chick-shaped marshmallows. Sold!

  1. This isn’t exactly new. There was a Peeps cereal released back in January 2019 with blue, pink, and yellow marshmallow-flavored rings as well as mini marshmallows. According to Delish, the 2020 version isn’t all that different from the original but Kellogg’s has made a couple of major improvements.
  2. The marshmallows are chick-shaped! While Peeps cereal still has the vibrantly colored marshmallow-flavored rings, the mini marshmallows have gone from standard-shaped white ones to multicolored chick-shaped ones, and that’s pretty awesome.
  3. It’s probably the cutest breakfast you’ll ever see—or eat! It’s clear that while Peeps cereal, which contains 13g of sugar per cup, isn’t necessarily the healthiest breakfast in the world, it’s definitely the cutest. Plus, if you’re going to celebrate Easter, you might as well do it with a yummy cereal. Sure, chocolate eggs and jelly beans are more conventional treats for the holiday, but why not have a bowl or two of this as well?
  4. If you love marshmallows and you love Peeps, this is the cereal for you. Even if you don’t love actual Peeps, no one can argue that marshmallows are delicious, so bringing dessert to your breakfast table could never be a bad thing. When Easter is over, these will disappear from store shelves again for another year—assuming Kellogg’s decides to bring it back again next year, that is—so if you want to give it a try, now would be the time. You don’t want to miss out on what is bound to be a really tasty experience.
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