This Pennywise Bath Bomb Will Turn Bath Time Into A Terrifying Adventure

If you’re a big fan of Stephen King’s IT and are totally freaked out by Pennywise (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?), you might be interested to know that the Etsy shop NaturalleSolutions is selling Pennywise bath bombs to make your bath time terrifyingly fun.

A Pennywise bath bomb? Talk about a perfect product. As the product description reads, “The original maker of scary clown pennywise bath bomb! Trending on facebook since August. Foaming, skin safe, non-staining scary bath bomb that would look like a murder just happen in your tub. Let the fun begin and make sure you’ll float too!” Sounds good to me!

It makes perfect sense—how did no one do this sooner? Since Pennywise tends to get his victims from the drains, it seems perfect that you could melt his terrifying clown face in your own bath… and then wash him right down the drain and out of your nightmares. Hopefully.

It smells like pumpkin spice! I don’t know if I would have chosen pumpkin spice scent for a scary Pennywise bath bomb. Admittedly, I would’ve gone for something like petrichor and motor oil or something, but uh, that’s probably not something you want to sit stewing in, so pumpkin spice is a better choice. And, judging from some of the reviews, the scent is SUPER strong with this, so you’ll smell delicious.

Your tub will literally look like you’ve just been murdered. The red coloring will make your tub look like it’s full of blood, but that’s part of the fun. It could be good for a prank, though it’s probably not cool to try to convince your roommate/sibling/partner that you’ve been murdered in your own bathtub… or is it?!

These things are flying off the virtual shelves. Because they’ve become so popular, NaturalleSolutions currently has a 2-3 week waiting list before the Pennywise bath bombs ship. That list is likely only going to get longer the closer we get to Halloween, so you may want to get yours ASAP.

So, where do you get them? Grab them from the NaturalleSolutions on Etsy HERE.

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