People Are Only Just Realizing Their Toasters Have Crumb Trays That Need Emptying & They’re Losing It

I don’t know about you, but I love toast. Morning or night, it’s a delicious meal/snack that seriously cannot be beaten. Sometimes I like peanut butter and banana on mine while other times just bread and butter hits the spot. Any way you slice it (get it!), toast is ridiculously good. Pretty much everyone I know feels the same, but apparently, not everyone knows that toasters come with crumb trays that need to be emptied every once in a while. In fact, they’re shocked by it!


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  1. It all started because of a TikTok video. TikToker Zoe Alexander replied to another user’s video that asked: “What is an adult problem that nobody prepared you for?” Her answer? It’s all about the toaster crumb tray. “Nobody told me that I had to empty the crumb tray in the toaster. Because if I don’t, it sets on fire,” she says in the clip, showing off all the crumbs that have accumulated in the bottom of her toaster’s tray.
  2. Everyone knows about the crumb tray, right? Apparently not. The video pretty much immediately went viral, with many people saying their minds were blown by the existence of a toaster crumb tray because they literally never knew. “Wait. There’s a crumb tray in the toaster? Is that why my toaster caught on fire!? Urgh that was my fav toaster, I threw it away,” one commenter wrote. Another added: “That’s a thing?!! I’m gonna empty it right now.”
  3. Some people didn’t even know where it would be located. One person asked for guidance to help find the crumb tray on their own toaster, leading others to come to the rescue and offer up a tip: at the bottom of the toaster, of course.
  4. To be honest, I’m more shocked that no one knew about this! I’ve always cleaned out my toaster’s crumb tray when it starts to smell like it’s burning when I make toast. I’m not sure how I found out it existed, but I just sorta always knew. The fact that so many people’s minds are blown by this is hilarious to me – but hey, at least TikTok really can be educational!
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