Pepsi And Peeps Have Teamed Up To Produce A Marshmallow-Flavored Soda In Time For Easter

Pepsi And Peeps Have Teamed Up To Produce A Marshmallow-Flavored Soda In Time For Easter PepsiCo

Brand collaborations are nothing new, and sometimes they’re absolutely brilliant. Remember when Sephora teamed up with the Museum of Ice Cream for those incredible brushes with the sprinkles in the handles? How about the incredible Nike x Off-White sneakers? I could go on and on… but we’re here to talk about a more unconventional partnership, and that’s the new one between Pepsi and Peeps, who’ve come together to create a marshmallow-flavored soda just in time for Easter.

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  1. Do marshmallows and cola really go together? That depends on who you ask, I suppose. In a way, cola can be quite sweet, especially Pepsi’s version, with that nice crisp edge that’s refreshing, especially when the weather gets warmer. Pairing that with the sugary, vanilla-y flavor of Peeps marshmallows is a pretty natural marriage, if you think about it, even if it’s unexpected.
  2. The Pepsi x Peeps collaboration is only available for a limited time. This marshmallow-flavored soda comes in packs of three mini 7.5 oz. cans, each of which has a different color: blue, pink, and yellow. The box itself is yellow and the whole thing has a Peeps-inspired design with the classic Pepsi logo. Cute!
  3. You won’t be able to buy these in stores. As you can probably imagine, it probably doesn’t make sense to mass-produce a marshmallow-flavored soda for Easter, so the only way you’ll get your hands on the Pepsi x Peeps collab is by winning a pack. The companies are hosting a sweepstakes in which you can win these tasty drinks, but you’ll have to earn it.
  4. So how do you get them? You’ll need to show off how you’re celebrating Easter with Peeps bunnies or chicks by taking photos and tagging both companies on Twitter and/or Instagram along with the hashtag #HangingwithmyPEEPS and #PepsiSweepstakes. There are only a few days left – the competition ends on March 31, so you’ll have to be quick. They’re looking for 10 grand prize winners to not only get some of the soda, but a bunch of other Pepsi and Peeps goodies to boot. Good luck!
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