10 Signs The Person You’re Dating Will Be A Terrible Ex If You Ever Break Up

They might be a great partner now, but they could be showing signs that they wouldn’t be the nicest ex to have around if things were to go sour. If they’re doing any of these 10 things, you’d better hope you stay together forever.

  1. They hate all their exes. Oh, all their exes were “psycho”? Sure. If they’ve had really bad experiences with all of their exes instead of just one or two, then it could be because they become a nightmare after a relationship ends. Remember, while you might laugh along as they tells you how “crazy” their former partners were, they might end up telling the world you’re crazy someday.
  2. They trash-talk their exes. It’s bad enough if they say they were all crazy or drama queens, but if they’re always spreading nasty info about the people they’ve dated before, then they’re clearly a malicious ex. Can’t they just let the past go? BTW, just because they’re speaking about them in negative ways, it doesn’t actually mean they’re over their exes. Your partner might still be torn up about the breakup or be missing their ex, which is why they feel the need to spread mean gossip about them.
  3. They act like the victim in their life. This person is always playing the victim in every situation they find themselves in. It’s like everyone is always out to get them, from their exes to their friends and even family members. If you’re seeing this pattern play out in your partner’s life now, then be warned: someday you might be someone they claim is treating them badly even though that’s BS.
  4. They’re irresponsible. The mark of a grown adult is someone who can take responsibility for things that happen. Maybe they played some part in their previous relationship coming to an end. Maybe they should’ve done better in their career so they wouldn’t have been fired. If they can’t seem to ever take responsibility for how their life has panned out, they’re probably not going to be someone decent to go through a breakup with. They’re pretty immature.
  5. They can’t accept “no.” It’s not cool if your partner doesn’t accept it when you say you can’t see them for dinner because you have other plans. Same for how they keep pushing you to change your appearance or interests. It’s just not on. Someone who can’t take no for an answer when you’re dating might continue being difficult to deal with when you break up with them. They might be one of those exes who just can’t seem to take the hint, or keeps trying to creep back into your DMs.
  6. They love dramaThey might laugh at how they’re a drama magnet, and it might be funny now that you’re their girlfriend, but what will happen if you guys had to end the relationship? If they’re always surrounded by drama, it could be that your partner is the one creating it (even if they don’t realize it). You don’t want a dramatic, toxic breakup, so be careful when dealing with someone who’s always got some drama to sort out.
  7. They’re mean to others but great to you. You might not be too worried about how they’re rude to the waiter or their sister because they’re always so nice to you, but you should be. The only thing that separates you from those other people is that your partner has romantic feelings for you. What would happen if they no longer had those feelings? They might become the rude, disrespectful person they are to those they need nothing from.
  8. They ghost their friends. Sometimes, ghosting is the only way to get rid of someone without putting your life in danger, like if the person is abusive. But generally, ghosting is a cowardly, really crappy thing to do to someone. If your partner ghosts their friends and acquaintances, even after years of knowing them, then who’s to say they wouldn’t ghost you when they no longer feel like being in the relationship?
  9. They’re manipulating others in their life. Maybe they’re a gaslighter or a pathological liar. They might not be giving you that treatment, but that’s just because they’re into you. If you had to walk away from them, they might turn into Mr. or Miss Manipulative. The truth is, they might even be manipulating you now in subtle ways.
  10. They’re still friends with their exes. In spite of always speaking about them negatively, they’re still friends with their exes. What is up with this person? This is a huge red flag, because it shows that they play nice to people’s faces when they’re really mean behind closed doors. It also highlights that they want to keep people around for their own convenience. I mean, if all their exes were as “crazy” as they say, would they really want those kinds of people in their life? If you had to break up with your partner, you might find yourself in the same situation of them keeping you around for a rainy day.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.