You Can Now Buy Cookie Cutters That Look Exactly Like Your Pet

If you’re totally obsessed with your dog or cat — and let’s be honest, what pet owner isn’t? — then you probably already own a million things with their face on it, from keychains to t-shirts and everything in between. Why not add to your collection by getting a specially made cookie cutter that looks exactly like them? One Etsy seller is making that dream a reality.

pet cookie cuttersEtsy/Copypastry

The product comes courtesy of Copypastry. Copypastry is a Hungarian seller that seems to specialize in customized cookie cutters. Whether you want to make cookies that look like your boyfriend or your sister or even Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, Copypastry is here to make it happen.

Why wouldn’t you want adorable cookies that look like your dog or cat? Dogs and cats are adorable in reality, so put them into cookie form and they become delicious too. What’s not to love? This makes a great gift either for yourself or someone you know who treats their pet like a baby. (Guilty as charged here!)

The technology that makes these possible is really clever. Copypastry’s custom pet cookie cutters use 3D printing to bring the cutter to life. Each one is made of PLA, plastic, Polylactic acid, and polyacid and all of them are biodegradable, which is always good to know.

Unfortunately, custom items don’t come cheap. Because 3D printing is a still a relatively new (and expensive) technology, getting a cookie cutter that looks like your dog or cat isn’t going to come cheap. Copypastry charges $64 to make it happen, and while that may seem like a lot of money, it’s totally worth it considering how unique it is and how long it will last you (pretty much forever). In other words, it’s a solid investment.

Buying one is simple. If you want to get a cookie cutter made of your pet, just purchase it via the seller’s Etsy listing, then contact them via the site’s messaging service to send over a photo of them so they can get to work. The cutter should be with you in no time, meaning delicious cookies are just around the corner.

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