Turn Your Phone Into A Karaoke Machine With This Bluetooth Microphone

If you want to have an amazing night out with your friends doing something fun, what better activity is there than karaoke? Great when you’re drunk or when you’re sober (though you’re more likely to really go for those high notes in “Always Be My Baby” if you’ve had a few drinks), everyone loves karaoke. But what if you can’t make it to your local karaoke bar and still want to sing? You just need this Bluetooth karaoke microphone for your phone!

It does four things in one. As well as being a wireless microphone, Beschoi’s karaoke mic can also serve as a speaker and record and it also has awesome LED lights. The karaoke mic alone would be enough to sell me on this alone, but I’m never one to turn down some extra bells and whistles.

It works with any iPhone or Android-based phone as well as the iPad. That means you don’t have to miss out if you happen to own an incompatible device—everyone can join in on the fun here. It even comes with a universal mount to hold your phone or tablet while you’re singing away (useful if you can’t really remember all the lyrics to your chosen song).

You can tweak it for the perfect sound. The mic allows you to customize echo, volume, and music levels to suit your preference. There are also buttons for you to skip tracks if you want to move on to the next one (or go back to a particular jam). The LED lights flash to the music, but you can turn them off if you’re performing a ballad or something a bit more sedate.

The batteries last for up to six hours so you can sing the night away. No need to worry that the mic’s just going to cut off on you mid-song. As long as you’re charged up, you can sing all night and the mic will keep going with you.

This will basically make you the star of any party you attend (or throw). Seriously, showing up with your own karaoke mic? That’s it, everyone else might as well sit down because you’re obviously the best guest ever. Everyone loves karaoke and for good reason—it’s awesome. This mic just takes that awesomeness to the next level.

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