11% Of People Who Use Their Phone On The Toilet End Up Rubbing One Out

You probably have never given much thought to other people’s toilet habits (or even your own), but one thing is clear: most of us can’t take a crap without using our phones. To glean a little more about the bathroom habits of Americans and British people, QS Supplies did a ‘Tweeting on the Toilet’ study to do just that.

  1. QS Supplies surveyed over 1,000 people for their study. That’s 516 Britons and 504 Americans who answered about their toilet habits pretty frankly.
  2. The average man and woman will pass over 11,000 kg of waste in their lifetimes. That’s a crazy amount! Women average on 11,757 kilograms (almost 26,000 pounds) and men average 11,030 kg (24,315 pounds). That’s a whole lot of waste! That’s not part of the study, that’s just an addition fun fact. But back to business!
  3. Nearly a quarter of respondents can’t defecate without their phone. Sure, all of us bring our phones to the bathroom to pass the time when we think we’re going to be a while, but 23% of the survey respondents said they literally can’t go number two without their phones. That’s a lot!
  4. What else do we get up to on the toilet? The most popular defecation activities include texting (67%), listening to music (66%), playing games (more than 65%), and answering emails (about 53%). In fact, 44% of the respondents said they text while dropping a deuce, so you might think again the next time you receive a message from someone. A whole 5% even video chat on the pot!
  5. Sending nudes and pics of your waste? Yuck! According to the survey, 5% of people have sent a nude to someone while on the toilet (though it’s hard to know whether they’re taking those nudes while pooping) and 7% of people have actually sent a pic of their feces to someone. What is going on with people?!
  6. A whopping 11% of people masturbate while pooping. Um, wow. Not only does that sound incredibly hygienic but it also sounds messy, difficult, and a bit weird. I’m not here to kink shame or anything, but something about this just seems wrong. Ah well!

For more of what QS Supplies discovered in their study, you can read the results HERE.



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