Pick Your Poison Is The Hilarious Party Game That Just Might End In Tears

Standard party games are fun enough—the alcohol-focused games like Kings Cup or Beer Pong are fine, as are sober, standard board games like Monopoly. However, if you want something completely different (and potentially a combination of both of the above), I highly recommend Pick Your Poison.

  1. It’s a card game with a twist. It’s basically a twisted version of Would You Rather? Each card displays two different “dares” of sorts and it’s up to each player to combine two cards from the deck to create the most difficult situation ever. Everyone anonymously chooses which they’d rather do, and then everyone tries to guess who was “right” (i.e. which option is most popular) and who’s super messed up. It sounds confusing, but I promise it’s not.
  2. There are 350 cards in the deck so the combinations are endless. Unlike some card games that lose their luster after a few rounds because you’ve pretty much exhausted all the options, Pick Your Poison has literally thousands of different combinations to keep things interesting.
  3. Warning: this is the NSFW version. There’s a Pick Your Poison regular version too, but the NSFW version is so much better (and much more fun). However, be aware that some of the “would you rather?” situations could be a bit dark or even risque. Ah well, you can handle it, right?
  4. There’s an expansion pack if you want even more options. While there are endless combinations in the original version, Pick Your Poison wants you to be able to pick forever, so they offer an NSFW expansion pack as well with an additional 200 cards. At that rate, you’ll be playing the game for the next several decades!
  5. Everyone who’s bought it loves it. The Amazon reviews for Pick Your Poison are overwhelmingly positive, with pretty much everyone agreeing that the game is tons of fun for groups and really shakes things up when it comes to party games. What more can you ask for?


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