This Pickle Cake Looks Freakishly Like The Real Thing

It’s safe to say that pickles are having a MOMENT right now. Not only are dill pickles a popular snack, but other non-pickle things are coming out with pickle-flavored versions. The world is going pickle mad! However, this pickle cake made by Texas-based Sideserf Cake Studio just might be my favorite twist on the sour snack yet.


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  1. Imagine getting this on your birthday! The lights are dimmed, everyone’s getting ready to sing their best version of “Happy Birthday,” and then your mom brings out this juicy looking pickle on a plate. Wait, what?
  2. It looks so realistic! Sideserf did such an amazing job creating this pickle cake — and yes, it is a cake with a delicious chocolate sponge inside — that it’s hard to believe it’s not the real deal. They even added a drip of pickle juice on the plate to heighten the realism. My mind is blown.
  3. This was truly a labor of love. In a video filmed by the bakery to show their process (and offer viewers some tips if they wanted to make one themselves), Sideserf reveals that modeling chocolate was used to create the lumps and bumps of the pickle skin. They then mixed gel food coloring and water to hand-paint the uneven pickle skin color, then made a simple syrup to create that over-the-top realistic look.
  4. If you live in Texas, you can get the bakery to make one for you. You’ll definitely pull a fast one on the recipient because frankly, I wouldn’t be able to tell this was a cake if this was sitting right in front of me. If you want to make one at home, best of luck to you. Please send us your picture if you do give it a go, and make sure you watch Sideserf’s tutorial before you get started.

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