Pickle-Flavored Doritos Are Here And The Snack Game Is Forever Changed

I feel like it was only a matter of time until Doritos picked up on the pickle trend. I mean, the flavor is everywhere. From popcorn and vodka to gummy candy, people really love dill pickles and seem to want that salty, sour flavor in every other food and drink. So, if you’ve been waiting for pickle-flavored Doritos, the wait is over. They’re here and they’re glorious!

  1. Officially, they’re “Tangy Pickle” Doritos. It’s unclear if there’s an added tangy element here or they’re just describing the flavor of pickles as tangy in general, but that’s what the bag says so we’ll go with it. The bag design also features a lightning bolt in place of the “i” in “pickle,” whatever that means. I don’t care, just give them to me!
  2. These are definitely a very new invention. The pickle-flavored Doritos were posted by Instgrammer @TheImpulsiveBuy, who shared that they had been seen at a Dollar General store. It’s unclear in what state and if the flavor is exclusive to the shop, but at least we know they exist!
  3. Pickle-flavored Doritos have been available in other countries before. However, they were known as “Intense Pickle.” It’s hard to say what the difference is between the two since I haven’t tried either yet, but I’m willing to bet there were a few changes to ensure the U.S. version was more palatable to American buyers.
  4. It’s unclear when or if these will get a wide release and if so, where you’ll be able to find them. That means if you’re desperate to try Tangy Pickle Doritos for yourself, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and be quick. Something tells me this flavor won’t be a permanent addition to the brand’s lineup and will likely go the way of the wind as quickly as it appeared. Here’s hoping I’m wrong, though!
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