You Can Now Get A Pillow Mist That Smells Like Harry Styles Or Zac Efron, If That’s Your Thing

You Can Now Get A Pillow Mist That Smells Like Harry Styles Or Zac Efron, If That’s Your Thing Netflix

If you’ve ever lusted after a celebrity guy (or gal!) and wondered what it would be like to get up close and personal with them, now may be your chance. There are now pillow mists designed to smell like your favorite stars and while they may not be at all accurate, no one can prove that they’re not, so there!

  1. The body sprays come from British company Pour Moi. The lingerie company has decided to branch out into pillow sprays designed to smell like all your favorite celebs. According to the product description, they’ve been “inspired by” scents the stars actually wear. “With the cold long nights drawing in there’s nothing better than slipping into your favourite nightwear, snuggling down on a soft pillow and dreaming about your celebrity crush – and our new bed sprays will create sensual dreams filled with the actual scent of the superstar you admire,” the website reads.
  2. Who wouldn’t want to smell Harry Styles? I mean, that’s a rhetorical question so if you’re not a fan, don’t answer. This one smells like “a heady mix of creamy vanilla bean, dry fruits, and sweet wood sap.” How they figured that’s how Harry smells in beyond me, but let’s go with it!
  3. Zac Efron is on the list too! He’s gotten all rugged and outdoorsy lately, so you’d expect the inspired pillow spray to follow that line. It kinda doesn’t, really – it’s described as “ultra-fresh herby notes and energizing green apple.”
  4. If Bradley Cooper is more your style, you’re in luck! I don’t know too many people who have the hots for BCoop, but I’m sure they exist, and they’ll probably want to get their hands on this pillow spray. This one “combines the fresh complexity of fir, coriander and leather notes, paying homage to Drakkar Noir, one of the fragrances favored by Bradley Cooper.” Sure, sounds good to me!
  5. There are a few women on the list too! If you’re a man (or a woman who loves women!) who wants to smell his fav celeb lady, there are a few women on the list as well. The Jennifer Aniston pillow spray is comprised of “orange blossom, lily and sandalwood notes” which Jen herself apparently favors. Meanwhile, the Ri (Rihanna, of course) has notes of “marshmallow, orange blossom and neroli.”
  6. So where can you get them? Check them out on the Pour Moi website, where they’re hosting a giveaway at the moment. You’ll need to live in the UK to be eligible, just FYI!
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