Pillsbury Makes Funfetti Pancake And Waffle Mix Now, So Good Morning! Pillsbury

Pillsbury Makes Funfetti Pancake And Waffle Mix Now, So Good Morning!

Real talk: Funfetti is obviously the best flavors of Pillsbury cake mix. I don’t know why really—it doesn’t particularly taste all that different than the standard vanilla or white mix, but there’s just something about those little bits of rainbow color that make it even more delicious. Well, now you can have Funfetti at all times of day because Pillsbury has brought out a Funfetti pancake and waffle mix. YESSSSS!

Yes, you could make pancakes on your own, but who wants to do that? I do have a great standard pancake mix that I do from scratch, but sometimes ya just want the boxed stuff, you know what I mean? (I feel the same way about Kraft mac and cheese). Sometimes it’s just nice to plop the mix in a bowl, add the few extra ingredients, and be on your way.

You only need water here! You won’t need to crack any eggs, add any oil or milk, or anything of the sort. Measure out the correct amount of water, mix it through so there are no lumps, and you can get making Funfetti pancakes or waffles. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be limited edition. That means you won’t need to rush to your local store and buy about a dozen boxes before it’s taken off the shelves. I mean, you might want to rush there anyway and grab one to make yourself a morning feast, but it seems Pillsbury means to keep Funfetti pancake mix a permanent fixture (fingers crossed).

This is the perfect weekend treat. When you have more time over the weekend, sometimes you just want a lavish breakfast fit for a queen (or king), and I can’t think of anything that would make that more perfect than Funfetti pancakes. Maybe I’m just a sugar fiend, but hey, who isn’t?

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