Pillsbury’s New Heat & Eat Range Lets You Make Brownies And Cinnamon Rolls In The Microwave

Pillsbury’s New Heat & Eat Range Lets You Make Brownies And Cinnamon Rolls In The Microwave Pillsbury

I don’t think there’s ever a time when I’m not in the mood for a baked good. Whether it’s freshly baked cookies or fudgy, decadent brownies, I’m always game. However, I’m also lazy and sometimes don’t feel like turning the oven on. Pillsbury feels me on this one, apparently, and has released a Heat & Eat range that can be made in the microwave. Where has this been all my life?!

  1. If you’re short on time or energy, this is for you. Maybe you’ve had a hectic day at work and can’t be bothered to stand in the kitchen for any length of time. Maybe you’re starving and desperately need some sugar NOW. That’s where Pillsbury’s Heat & Eat products come in. They’re literally ready in 30 seconds or less!
  2. They come in fudge brownie or cinnamon roll varieties. It’s hard to choose what I love more: Pillsbury’s cinnamon rolls or their brownie mixes. Well, Heat & Eat products are available in both varieties, according to photos @candyhunting shared of the boxes as their local Hy-Vee. Now I don’t have to choose and I can eat both. Yesssss!
  3. They’re individual serving sizes, which is good for portion control. In case you’re someone who likes to hold themselves to portion sizes, you’ll be glad to know that the Heat & Eat boxes come with four individual servings of baked goodness, meaning you know exactly how much you’re eating. And if sticking to recommended serving sizes isn’t your thing, you could always go back for seconds… or thirds… or fourths.
  4. If you can’t find them at your usual grocery spot, use the store locator. The Pillsbury website has a great store locator on their site to help you find Heat & Eat products near you. Something tells me even if you have to venture a little further out than your usual spot, it would be worth the drive.
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