This Pineapple Fanny Pack Is Actually A Cooler That Holds A Whole Bottle Of Wine

Summer is coming, and that means red wine is out and whites, rosés, and sparkling varieties are in. But with warmer weather comes the need to keep your vino chilled. Thankfully, Target is selling a pineapple fanny pack that’s actually a cooler and holds an entire bottle of wine. Have I ever needed anything more? I don’t think so.

This is a total summer vibe. It’s hard to look forward to carefree days in the sun with everything that’s going on right now, but they are coming and you want to be prepared, right? A fanny pack cooler is the ultimate accessory for the warmer months when having a boozy beverage at hand (and chilled) is of utmost priority.

It holds a full bottle of wine or two cans. If wine isn’t your tipple of choice and you prefer something like a canned margarita or malt beverage, the fanny pack cooler is still your BFF because it holds not one but two cans. That will save you a trip to the fridge for a while!

If pineapples aren’t your thing, there’s a palm tree pattern too. Frankly, I’m all about the tropical vibe, but if you prefer something non-fruity, Sun Squad, the maker of the fanny pack cooler, also has one that features a palm tree pattern. Better yet, it’s ombre!

Even if it wasn’t functional, it’s fashionable. I know it’s slightly hipsterish to walk around wearing a fanny pack but hey, I embrace my hipsterdom. Sometimes I don’t feel like carrying a bag but I need to cart stuff around with me so a fanny pack suits my lazy ways. I feel like I’ll probably use the cooler even when I’m not carting wine or beer around just for like, my keys and my phone and stuff.

They’re only $8, which is a total steal. A portable cooler you wear around your waist for $8? Uh, bargain alert! They’re likely going to sell out quickly, I would say, so grab yours at Target HERE.

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