This Pineapple-Shaped Pet Bed Will Let Your Furry Friend Chill Out In Style All Summer Long

Our pets are like family members which means we want them to be comfy and cozy when they’re hanging out around the house with us. That means giving them a nice place to lounge and sleep (if not in bed with us humans). But just because a pet bed needs to be functional doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. Case in point: this adorable and seasonal pineapple pet bed* from YML.

  1. A bed shaped like a pineapple! Genius! Not only is it shaped like the delicious tropical fruit, but it’s nice and bright yellow and green just like the real thing. And it’s not just cute – there’s also a really fluffy cushion inside for your pet to curl up on when they need a little downtime. It’s perfection – and, because it has a roof over it, it lets them feel like they’re in a den (which dogs in particular really like).
  2. It comes in two different sizes. While the small pineapple pet bed, which measures 17.8x12x6 inches, is perfect for small dogs like chihuahuas and cats, you can also get it in a larger size, which measures 25.5×12.5×5.5 inches, for bigger animals. This means no matter what pet you have, they don’t have to miss out. I mean, a horse might not fit in there, but it’ll fit most conventional pets we keep inside.
  3. The reviews are in: people love this. The bed gets tons of positive reviews from people who say it’s great value and amazing quality too. One person points out that they love the fact that the cushion inside can be removed and washed or lint-rolled, which is always convenient. Other people just admired how summery and fun it is, which is always worth noting.
  4. If you want one for your pet, head over to Amazon. The YML Pineapple Pet Bed House costs about $25 for the small one and $28 for the large version. Totally reasonable! Grab yours on Amazon HERE.

pineapple pet bedYML

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