Is He Planning To Turkey Drop You? 13 Signs You’re Going To Spend The Holidays Alone

It’s “turkey drop” season, when students return home from college for Thanksgiving and break up with their partners before having to bring them to their family gatherings. Ouch. Unfortunately, it’s not just something that happens to students. Strangely, many breakups happen in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Here are signs your boyfriend’s about to “turkey drop” you.

  1. You’ve never met his family. Even though you’ve been dating for months, he never mentions that he’d love for you to meet his parents or other loved ones. It’s weird. Now that Thanksgiving’s coming up, he’s likely to dump you before he has to invite you to his family dinner so that he never has to make those introductions. Coward!
  2. He’s mysterious about his holidays. Where will he be over Thanksgiving and Christmas? Is he going to see his family or not? He hasn’t told you, which is a bad sign. It shows that he’s not focused on sharing the future with you.
  3. He’s become pretty low-key in general. He used to be open about his life, but now he’s become super mysterious. He’s flying under the radar, being a little quieter and distant. Hmm. The dude’s preparing to make a run for it.
  4. He says he’s not a family guy. Oh, whatever. You might laugh when he tells you how much he detests family gatherings, but why is he telling you this now? Is it to prepare you for why you’re not invited to Thanksgiving? Shady AF. Besides, a guy who says he’s not into family stuff is saying he’s not looking for anything serious, like introducing you to his loved ones.
  5. He’s not interested in the holidays. You’re suggesting fun mini breaks and snuggling up in front of the fire around the holidays and he’s smirking at all your suggestions. WTF? He might say the holidays aren’t his cup of tea, but really he’s telling you not to get your hopes up. He’s not going to be around.
  6. He’s sidestepping sex. You used to have loads of passionate sex, but lately he’s not interested. He might say he’s too busy or tired to pop over after work (yeah, right), but don’t buy his BS. A dramatic change in sex shows that something’s not right.
  7. He’s got holiday amnesia. Now that the holidays are approaching, the guy’s forgetting things. He forgets that he’s supposed to pick you up for dinner, he forgets that it’s your one-year anniversary in a few days, he forgets that he was supposed to call you. Ugh. The dude’s memory is fine. What’s not fine is how he feels about your relationship.
  8. He’s getting philosophical. He’s been talking about the meaning of life and where his life is headed, or perhaps how it’s way off from where he wants it to be. Sounds deep, but it could be a sign of impending relationship doom. People take stock of their lives over the holidays, and if he doesn’t seem to be happy with where he’s at, it could be a sign that he’s about to dump you—especially if he doesn’t mention that your relationship makes him happy.
  9. He’s moody AF. He hates everything and he hates the holidays and he wants everyone to know it. If he’s losing his temper a lot more lately or seems irritated AF, it could be that he’s unhappy in the relationship, even if he’s not taking out his moods on you. But you have to ask yourself: why the change in him? He might be acting like a bit of a jerk to prepare you for a breakup.
  10. You’re in a long-distance relationship. And it hasn’t been going that well lately. Damn. It’s stressful to keep a relationship going with thousands of miles between you, and the holidays just magnify all that stress. Don’t expect him to fly down for Thanksgiving. If his distance feels more emotional than physical, you’re about to be single for the holidays.
  11. He’s backtracking. It’s clear that you want to move the relationship forward and be more committed. Maybe you and your BF even had a talk about it. But now that the holidays are coming up, if he’s not stepping up and being a major part of your life, he’s sending you a clear message: he’s not keen to take the relationship to the next level. He might be feeling the pressure of relationship expectations, what with the holidays being such a common time for people to get engaged, and he can’t handle it. SMH.
  12. He’s the life of the party. Maybe he’s not moody or isolating himself. Maybe he’s keen to hit all the hottest parties now that the holidays are around the corner. The problem is that he’s too keen to tear it up with his boys, leaving you at home alone. If this is a common occurrence, he’s saying that he’d rather act like a single guy than be your boyfriend. Jerk.
  13. He’s picking fights. Lately, he’s been argumentative and defensive, and it’s just weird ’cause he’s keen to enter the verbal boxing ring with you. What’s up? If he fights over stupid, petty things, chances are he’s hoping to push you to break up with him. SMH. He wants to turkey drop you but he’s too chicken. Loser.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.