Planning Your Pinterest Wedding Just Isn’t Realistic

Even if your Pinterest wedding board is top secret, it’s still there… lurking in the corners of your mind, reminding you that your “dream wedding” costs as much as a small island, a large home, and one of North West’s tiny ballet flats. Of course you want to plan your wedding so it’s not a hot mess, but obsessing over it endlessly (especially when you’re seriously single), can only end in disaster. Here’s why Pinterest planning your perfect wedding might not result in the mason jar day of your wildest fantasies.

  1. All Pinterest weddings look alike. At the end of the day, your Pinterest wedding will not be the fairytale you’ve always imagined. Instead, it will look exactly like every other wedding that pops up on Facebook. The only way to have a truly unique wedding is to eschew Pinterest planning.
  2. Pinterest weddings never look as good in real life. Like most things in life, Pinterest weddings just look way better on the internet. Probably because the artsy Mason Jars and twinkle lights are professionally done, not just strung up Christmas lights from the dollar store. IRL, Pinterest weddings just look cheap and cheesy. It’s like a Photoshopped Kardashian — sure, it’s gorgeous all done up with the perfect filter, but the reality is never what you expected.
  3. Your wedding expectations will be ridiculously expensive. The more time you spend planning, the more fabulous ideas you have for your big day. Unfortunately, that means even more money spent. After all, the gorgeous flowers, perfectly planned pictures, and little touches for the photographer add up.
  4. D.I.Y. is difficult unless you’re an expert crafter. If you have a friend who’s deep into crafting, with an adorable home stuffed to the brim to prove it, you’re set for life. Otherwise, D.I.Y. usually ends up as an epic fail instead of a fabulous wedding.
  5. No bridesmaids want to D.I.Y. with you because this is not a sorority event. Even if your sorority sisters are your bridesmaids, they would probably celebrate throwback Thursday by drinking like it’s still college and making out with a groomsmen on the dance floor. They probably don’t want to have hot glue guns hoisted on them the night before the wedding, especially if they’ve flown in from all over.
  6. If you’re not engaged, it’s kind of a waste of time. All girls have saved at least one picture secretly that’s wedding related. Maybe it’s the perfect gown (although by  the time you actually get married it might not exist anymore). It might be the ultimate shoes that incorporate “something blue” without being tacky. Whatever it is, it’s acceptable. After all, by the time you get married 10 years from now you need to remember your faves.
  7. A wedding Pinterest board will probably creep out your new boyfriend. If you don’t have a guy in your life who’s ready to give you a ring sometime in the near future (a marriage pact you made in middle school doesn’t count), your new boyfriend will probably not appreciate an entire area of the web dedicated to planning your dream day. Instead of cyberstalking wedding gowns, you could be spending your time doing something that doesn’t involve X-ing out your browser immediately whenever your beau is nearby.
  8. Focusing too much on the perfect wedding means you’ll be focusing less on the perfect guy. If you’re obsessed with planning the wedding of your dreams, you might start looking for anyone to stand in as the groom, not a specific dude. While you might be mentally preparing for your beyond fabulous wedding, having an entire board devoted to it will probably freak out a potential gentleman caller. After all, if a future date Googles you and a board dedicated to gowns pops up, he might just cancel immediately. Unfortunately, your life isn’t actually The Wedding Planner or My Best Friend’s Wedding, which means that obsessing endlessly over a wedding that you’re never going to have does not equal finding a potential husband.
  9. You aren’t a Pinterest princess. Despite the fairytales your father read you growing up, you’re not actually a princess (I hate to break it to you). Even if your dream wedding is in a castle on the internet, you probably can’t afford it when you look at your measly paycheck. If you’re endlessly online, you won’t care who your groom is, as long as he looks good in a tux for photos.
  10. A Pinterest perfect wedding doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good time. At the end of the day, a fun wedding involves more open bar and less mason jars. If you build up your wedding to be the perfect day for your entire life you’re only setting yourself up for a major disappointment. Focus more on the fact that you’re surrounded by your dream guy and your best friends, and less on a Photobooth that has ironic mustaches (although that does sound adorable).
Margaret is a freelance writer who covers pop culture and fashion in New York City and currently writes for Page Six's Style section. Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, xoJane, and Racked. She tweets about her crippling caffeine addiction and teen TV obsession here: @margaretabrams