Plant Life Support Is A Must-Have For People Who Always Forget To Water Their Greenery

I love having loads of plants around my apartment, but I’m also terrible at remembering to water them regularly enough. I can’t tell you how many plants I’ve killed over the years despite my best efforts, and I know I’m not alone on this. That’s why as soon as I discovered something called Plant Life Support, I had to order it right away because it might be the difference between me having to take an extra trip to my local garden center sooner and keeping my current green babies going.

  1. Plant Life Support is probably exactly what you’d imagine. It’s a mini IV-drip filled with water that gradually ensures your plants get the H2O they need even if you forget for days on end. “Introducing Plant Life Support, the miniature lifelike IV drip for your houseplants! Pop it into a pot with the included stand, fill it up with water and it’ll take care of the rest – slowly feeding your plant with just the right amount of water as and when it needs it,” the item description reads.
  2. It’s great for when you’re away. Maybe you’re not necessarily forgetful when it comes to watering your plants but you are going away for a few days and don’t have anyone who can come in and keep them hydrated. Plant Life Support will work for that too and ensure they stay nice and lively while you’re not there.
  3. It’s a great talking point too. Imagine if you had a friend over and they saw your Plant Life Support IV bag hanging there by your Boston fern in the corner (or whatever plant you have). They’re obviously going to laugh and ask what’s going on with it. It’s not something you see every day but it’s definitely hilarious.
  4. If you desperately need this or know someone who does, hit up Firebox. They’re selling Plant Life Support, though they are out of stock for the next week or so. However, you can sign up for an email alert for when it’s back in and grab it before it inevitably goes again. Check it out over on Firebox HERE.

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