Popeyes Is Selling Deep-Fried Strawberry Cheesecake Pies And They’re SO GOOD

Popeyes Is Selling Deep-Fried Strawberry Cheesecake Pies And They’re SO GOOD Popeyes

When it comes to fast food, Popeyes really can’t be beat. Their chicken is off the charts good and now their desserts are threatening to take over the game since they’ve just released deep-fried strawberry cheesecake pies that are diabolically good that you’ll want to get in your car as soon as you finish reading this to go buy one (or three).

  1. This is nothing like their Strawberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pies. A few years back, Popeyes released a similar but actually totally different Strawberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie that was good, yes, but nowhere near on this level. That one was filled with a mix of strawberry and cream cheese and while I would happily eat it from now until eternity, it was missing a certain je ne sais quoi.
  2. This is everything you love about cheesecake and pie in one dessert. It may not look special from the outside, but consider this: it’s made out of a deep-fried turnover crust outside which covers the ridiculously good strawberry pie filling along with graham cracker crumbs and straight-up cheesecake inside. I’d say that’s pretty damn special, wouldn’t you?
  3. They’re pretty inexpensive too. As you’d expect, Popeyes pies are a pretty cheap addition to add to your next order. While some locations (including my local spot) are selling them at about $1.49, others (like certain stores in Southern California) have reported prices as low as $1.29. Either way, it’s worth paying a little extra.
  4. People are LOVING IT. A quick Twitter search for “Popeyes strawberry cheesecake pie” brings up tons of tweets from people who’ve been there, bought it, ate it, died and went to heaven, then resurrected themselves in order to tell everyone on social media just how good it is. (And no, “good” doesn’t really cover it here.)
  5. It may not be around forever, so you’ll want to be quick. While Popeyes haven’t said that they’ll be ripping the Strawberry Cheesecake Pies out of our cold, dead hands anytime soon, given their past rotating pie flavors, it could be that this one is seasonal and might leave us in the future. Because the future is uncertain, we can’t afford to waste any time – let’s all go and eat a dozen of these things NOW.
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