10 Possible Meanings Behind Your Sex Dreams

Wet dreams can simply illustrate your desires. They can also be your subconscious trying to tell you something, but it’s not always what you think. Here are some common, sometimes gross sex dreams and what they reveal.

You’re having sex with your new boyfriend. If you’re feeling a growing connection with the guy you just started dating, this could reflect your wish to take the next step with him. Also, if his appearance in your dream changes somehow (he gets a haircut for example), it could mean he’s shown you another side of him that you either like or dislike. Basically, it could reflect your evolving perception of this guy.

You’re doing things you wouldn’t normally do. If you’re having kinky sex dreams, it may be a sign that you want to experiment with your sexuality. Dreams are a safe way to explore your sexual fantasies to see if you might like them in real life. If you’re in a relationship, you might want to try something new with your partner. Test out something different in the bedroom or in some other aspect of your lives. Maybe you want to find a new activity to do together.

You’re dreaming about the romance more than the actual sex. Say you’re fantasizing about candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach and the sex is more of an afterthought. You may be craving a better psychological connection with your partner. Or if you’re single, you may be feeling lonely and you’re eager to connect with someone.

You’re dreaming about your ex. Sex dreams about your ex can mean a few different things. They don’t necessarily suggest you’re still in love with him. It can take a long time to move on completely from a breakup, years even. If you’re in a new relationship, your new guy may be acting like your ex-boyfriend. This could be a bad sign, and a warning to be careful. Or these dreams are just a reminder of the happy and exciting times with your past love. You may be lacking excitement in your relationship and it could be time to spice things up.

You or your partner is cheating. If your partner is cheating in your dream, don’t immediately check his phone for evidence. It isn’t a sure sign that he’s stepping out. It may show that you’re battling your own insecurities. It could also mean that you think your partner isn’t spending enough time with you. If you’re the one cheating, you may be feeling guilty about not focusing enough of your time and energy on your boyfriend.

You’re having sex with your boss. When you have sex dreams about someone that you would probably never sleep with in real life, it means you admire that person. He has qualities that you want to mirror. You may want to get closer to your boss, but not in a sexual way. Instead, it suggests that you’re career-driven and you look up to him.

You’re doing the deed with a celebrity. This may simply mean you’re super attracted to a particular celebrity. My favorite is Charlie Hunnam. Jax Teller? Yes, please. It can also reflect your desire to be successful or your wish to be in the spotlight more. You might see some of yourself in the person you’re watching on TV. It could also mean you’re confident enough to think that Channing Tatum should want to sleep with you because hello, you’re hot!

You’re intimate with an acquaintance. Why are you sleeping with your neighbor or teacher? You may have had a recent conversation with this person and you felt a connection. Again, you may be appreciating some of this guy’s traits. It could also be hinting that your needs aren’t being met. You might wish your significant other could be more like the person you’re dreaming about. Or if you’re single, you may hope that your future boyfriend is similar. It doesn’t have to mean that you want to bang the coffee barista.

You’re sleeping with a complete stranger. Some people believe this means that your soulmate is out there waiting for you, but this isn’t the case. If you’re having sex with a stranger, you may have a desire to explore some aspect of yourself. Or it could mean that you still don’t know what you want in a partner. Alternatively, this person could be the embodiment of what you admire about that gender in a general sense.

You’re having sex with your friend. This doesn’t undoubtedly mean that you’re crushing on your friend. It could indicate that you like some attribute of his. You may wish you could be more like this person.

You’re dreaming about a family member. First of all, ew. But again, the same theme applies here, so don’t freak out too much. It most likely means you respect that person in some way. It doesn’t mean that you actually want an incestuous relationship. Yuck.

You’re doing it with someone you dislike. Are you having sex with the person that bullies you? This type of dream could be your brain emphasizing traits that you don’t appreciate. You probably want to stay away from people like this or avoid being like that yourself. It can also be your subconscious holding on to the hatred you’re feeling. You may want to have a conversation with this person to try to move past your issues so you can let go of your anger.

The bottom line is that dreams give you an opportunity to learn more about yourself and shouldn’t always be taken literally. Most sex dreams relate to something going on in your life. But you shouldn’t overanalyze them. They don’t always have to have a deep meaning. Some dreams are just dreams, so don’t dwell on them.

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