A ‘Pot Sasquatch’ Covered In Marijuana Leaves Crashed A Local News Report During Major Snowstorm

If you’re the type of person who enjoys acting the fool at every available opportunity, there’s perhaps no better time or place to do it than in the middle of a live news broadcast. I’ve seen idiots dancing in the street in the middle of hurricanes and snowstorms and now I’ve even seen a “Pot Sasquatch” covered in marijuana leaves crashing a Springfield, Massachusetts report too.

You have to hand it to Jennifer Pagliei. She was the anchor on camera when Pot Sasquatch made its appearance in the background of her broadcast. She was trying to update viewers on what was going on with the weather when wait, what’s that? It’s a monster covered in marijuana leaves stumbling into the shot out of nowhere.

The cameramen quickly got the pot sasquatch off camera. While there’s nothing inherently offensive about someone dressed in a marijuana monster costume (especially since you can barely tell that the leaves he’s covered in are marijuana anyway), the camera quickly cuts away from the creature as Pagliei struggles to recover her composure.

Where did pot sasquatch come from? Where did he go? No sooner did he lumber onto the scene than he was completely gone without a trace. Was he a figment of our imagination? Could we ever have dared to dream something as amazing as this? It’s one of life’s great mysteries that I doubt we’ll ever find an answer to.

Turns out, Pot Sasquatch, or Potsquatch, is a mascot of sorts. According to MassLive, Potsquatch is the mascot of local “gardening” store Potco, which sells basically everything you need to get started on growing your own MJ plants. The store’s owner, Dave Mech, believes that “if the tax preparer down the street can have a dancing Statue Of Liberty, he can have Potsquatch.” Fair enough!

pot sasquatch

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