Pottery Barn Is Selling Skeleton Wine Glasses For Halloween And They’re Super Spooky

Wine isn’t necessarily a seasonal drink — most of us are happy to pour a glass (or a bottle) at any time of year. However, as we inch our way into autumn, it’s still nice to be able to enjoy our vino with a little holiday fun, which is why Pottery Barn’s skeleton wine glasses are so perfect. They let you celebrate Halloween and get a little tipsy at the same time!

It’s like skeletons are holding up your wine. Pottery Barn’s skeleton wine glasses feature the skeletons standing tall and holding up the actual liquid-holding glass on top of it. In other words, the skeletons take the place of the usual stem that would usually be there on regular wine glasses. How fun is that?

That’s not all that’s in their seasonal collection. If skeleton wine glasses aren’t enough for you, Pottery Barn has loads of other seasonal servingware that you might be interested in. There’s an amazing tombstone serving platter, a spider candy bowl for all your trick or treat goodies, a skeleton hand punch bowl, a skeleton hand cake platter… the list goes on and on.

It’s never too early to start prepping for Halloween. If you’re like me, chances are Halloween may be your favorite holiday of the year. I mean, sure, Christmas is good and all, but there’s just something extra special about Halloween. It’s spooky but also silly and plus, you have an excuse to eat loads of chocolate, candy corn, and other sweets with abandon. What’s not to love?

Pottery Barn’s Halloween collection is available in store or online. If you don’t want to head out to your local store or you simply don’t live near a Pottery Barn location, you can order all their goodies on the website via the links above. Just try not to spend too much!

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