Preacher Claims Alien Reptile Disguised Itself As Her Husband To Have Sex With Her

Preacher Claims Alien Reptile Disguised Itself As Her Husband To Have Sex With Her The Jim Bakker Show

I’ve seen a lot of strange things online over the years, but something that happened on a recent episode of The Jim Bakker Show really blew my mind and left me speechless. That’s because a preacher, talk show host, and author named Sharon Gilbert appeared on the religious program and made some pretty outrageous claims that truly beggar belief (though they do make for an entertaining watch).

  1. An alien disguised itself as her husband and tried to have sex with her. That’s at the crux of Gilbert’s claims, which seem to have come out of nowhere. While talking to controversial host Jim Bakker, Gilbert revealed that as soon as she married her husband Derek, aliens took that as a green light to try and get into bed with her.
  2. She watched the alien change its identity before trying to get it on. Speaking completely seriously and without a hint of humor, Gilbert recalled: “After Derek and I got married…one night, this other Derek appears in our bed. The real Derek is lying down next to me. The other Derek sits right up out of it. It startled me. I knew that was not Derek. So I asked this critter: ‘Who are you?’ because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations.”
  3. So wait, if that wasn’t Derek, who was it?! I was seriously on tenterhooks wondering who on earth this being could possibly be. Thankfully, Gilbert managed to ID the creature. “He said 2come on, I’m your husband.’ I said ‘who are you?’ and he had the nerve to claim to be Ahasuerus – Xerxes [the fourth King of Kings of the Achaemenid Empire who ruled from 486 to 465 BC].” Um… huh?
  4. This alien didn’t take no for an answer and came back several times. After Gilbert rebuked the alien once, you’d think it would have taken a hint, but not so. She said it kept coming back and only went away when she was able to “verbalize the name of Jesus.” What was the alien’s aim, you ask? Other than getting its rocks off, Gilbert says it was going to “use my free will to do something that was going to pull me away from God.”
  5. She managed to get rid of the creature in the end, thanks to Jesus. At one point, Gilbert thought to herself, “I’ve had enough!” and decided to banish the creature for good. “I reached up, I grabbed his face and I said, ‘You are a liar. And Jesus is real.’ And I pulled that face-off. And beneath it was a reptile.” Oh man, really? Yes, really. Not only that, but it had “little creatures with him this time, these little halfling creatures and they looked like gargoyles, they were reptilian as well. So beneath that face of Derek was a reptilian serpentine creature, probably similar to what visited the Anasazi…”
  6. This is some pretty solid promotion. If Gilbert’s serious, truly, bless her. However, it should be mentioned that the episode she appeared on was promoting a DVD called The Great Delusion which is apparently all about conspiracy theories around aliens, UFOs, and other supernatural creatures. Take from that what you will.
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