I Prefer Average Looking Guys—The Hot Ones Just Aren’t Worth It

Hot guys: amazing to look at, not so great to date—at least that’s how it feels when you try and have a meaningful conversation with one. You may be instantly attracted to the guy whose smile gives you butterflies but in my experience, they just don’t make the best boyfriends. Here’s why you’ll never catch me dating a hot guy:

  1. If I want to see him, I’ll have to join a gym. A hot guy’s secret weapon is his killer bod. That’s why you’ll always catch them hanging out in the gym in hordes. The problem is, while he may be nice to look at, I’ll never actually get to do that unless I go and find him in his natural habitat. Give me a guy that hangs out in my fave fast food joint any day.
  2. He’ll get way too much female attention. I don’t normally consider myself the jealous type, but hey, there’s only so much a girl can take. If you want to date a hot guy, be prepared to constantly be standing your ground against fawning female admirers. It may be flattering to know that everyone wants to get with your guy but it’s also annoying as hell when you’re fending off other girls on the dance floor.
  3. I don’t want to look like I’m punching above my weight. Have you ever gone out with a super attractive friend and felt like crap all night while guys chat her up every five minutes? Dating a hot guy is like that ALL THE DAMN TIME. Don’t get me wrong, I’m comfortable in my own skin and think I’m quite attractive, but I’ve never been described as “hot.” I’ll spare myself the embarrassment of people thinking I’m punching by finding myself an average Joe.
  4. Hot guys rely less on personality. It’s a fact. If a guy can rely on looks alone to pull girls, he’s hardly going to waste time thinking of new ways to be romantic or make me laugh. Hot guys aren’t used to people paying attention to their personality, so it never develops to quite the full extent of other men. You’ve been warned.
  5. He probably only eats protein. Even the skinniest guys I’ve dated have always been able to put away twice as much food as me. That means that no matter how much I eat, I still end up being the moderate one (mini air punch). A guy who’s going to take all the fun out of eating out by checking the macros of everything he orders just doesn’t belong at the same table as me. Don’t even get me started on protein shakes.
  6. I need a guy that can laugh at himself. So, if looks don’t matter, what’s the most important quality to look for in a date? I’ll take a good sense of humor every damn time. I need someone that’s going to make me laugh ’til my sides hurt and who can put a smile on my face every day. If my date’s more concerned with how his muscles look in that t-shirt than he is showing me a good time, it’s never going to work.
  7. You have to keep up appearances all the time. The best thing about dating a guy who isn’t bothered about looks is that you can finally relax. No more panic last-minute razor buying or setting an alarm on vibrate to do your makeup before he wakes up: the guy that’s right for you will adore you exactly as you are. If I date a hot guy, I’ll constantly be worrying that my appearance doesn’t match up to his own high standard. No fun.
  8. I want a guy that feels lucky to have me. I’m not just looking for a guy that makes me pinch myself when I wake up next to him—I want someone that does exactly the same for me. My date should feel lucky to be with me and excited to be seen together, not focusing on his own appearance. A hot guy knows that he can get unlimited attractive women whenever he wants, so the excitement of being with me will be drowned out by all that noise.
  9. Hot guys are usually pretty shallow. If you’re an attractive guy, nine times out of 10, your main criteria for the opposite sex is for them to look as good as you. Call me crazy, but attractiveness just doesn’t do it for me. I want someone that wants to date me because we can talk for hours, make each other laugh and who never runs out of fun activities to suggest. Appearance alone just doesn’t cut it, and the right guy will be thinking the same.
  10. Looks just don’t matter. Okay, if a super funny, intelligent, caring guy who also has the body of a god walked through the door right now and asked me out, obviously I’d be a fool to turn him down. That said, if a guy that walked through the door had all those things except looks, I’d be just as excited to date him. That’s because, ultimately, looks don’t matter. A hot guy might be great for a fling, but when I’m 70, I’m going to want someone that understands me, not a slightly more attractive old man to sit next to. Looks might make a guy more appealing, but a hot guy won’t guarantee me happiness.
Isobel is a freelance blogger and writer for hire specialising in content for millennials who haven't quite got it together yet (i.e. herself). When not glued to her laptop, she enjoys eating cheese, doing yoga and spending time with family and friends.