Pringles Released Chicken & Waffles Chips In Case You’re Running Low On Snacks

Pringles Released Chicken & Waffles Chips In Case You’re Running Low On Snacks Instagram/candyhunting via rockgirlmaxim84

I know I’m not alone when I say that Pringles are delicious. Their whole “once you pop, you can’t stop” tagline really is true — I’ve been known to go through a whole tube in one sitting. That’s most definitely going to be the case with Pringles’ new Chicken & Waffles flavor, which just so happens to be exclusive to Dollar General.

  1. It’s like a full meal in a chip! While my favorite Pringles flavors are BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion, I’m always down for trying something new and potentially delicious, and Chicken & Waffles qualifies. Combining the sweet and savory flavors of those two foods is a genius idea and frankly, I can’t believe it didn’t happen earlier. Now I don’t even have to turn the oven on – Pringles can be my dinner!
  2. They’re limited edition, so you’ll have to be quick. Not only will you have to find a Dollar General store at which to pick Chicken & Waffles Pringles up, you’ll also have to do it ASAP. This flavor, much like the Top Ramen Chicken Pringles which came before, are only around for a limited time and only while supplies last.
  3. So how do they taste? According to Instagrammer @carbconnoisseur, “They are pretty good. There is a very faint smell of maple syrup, and they have a very dull chicken flavor to them. I give them a 7/10.” That’s promising enough for me. If the chicken was too overpowering, they probably wouldn’t be very good. A hint of chicken with a nice dose of maple syrup sounds perfect!
  4. If you can’t get a hold of these, there is always Lay’s Chicken & Waffles. The brand brought those back and they’re being sold exclusively at Kroger, if you live close to one of those. It’s hard to say if they’ll be as delicious as the Pringles (or even better), but I feel like it’s probably worth a taste test, don’t you think?
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