Pringles’ Fried Onion Ring Flavor Put One Of Your Favorite Junk Foods In Chip Form

Pringles’ Fried Onion Ring Flavor Put One Of Your Favorite Junk Foods In Chip Form Instagram/tmc_reviews

While most of us try to eat a balanced diet, there’s no use denying that junk food is delicious. Sometimes all you want is something that’s not all that good for you but tastes amazing, and one of my favorite things to eat when I feel like that is Pringles Fried Onion Ring flavor. It’s not a new one, per se, but it did disappear for a while and only recently popped back up on store shelves again, so snack time is ON.

  1. Pringles first brought out Fried Onion Rings in 2019. You may remember these bad boys from a couple of years ago and then cried with sadness when they disappeared not long after. Thankfully, they’re back now, and while there’s no news that this is permanent, fingers crossed that they’re here to stay.
  2. Everyone loves onion rings. While french fries are my #1 boo in life, onion rings come in a close second. Those deliciously pungent onions coated in crispy, salty batter are just heaven on earth, so having the flavor translated into Pringles is a pretty genius move. I haven’t tried the new iteration, but the only ones tasted exactly like the real thing, so here’s hoping they haven’t changed much this time around.
  3. I didn’t even realize they were back! Thankfully, Instagrammer @tmc_reviews noticed them at their local Walmart store and was kind enough to share it with their followers, which is how I found out. Given that they’re at Walmart this time around, it seems like they’re no longer a 7-Eleven exclusive like they were the first time around!
  4. Keep an eye out for these at your local store. If you want to try them for yourself and missed out the first time around, check at your local grocery stores or anywhere that sells snacks. They’re worth picking up a canister or two if you find them – just try not to eat the whole can at once!
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