Proof Your Sexual Fantasies Are Totally Normal

Sexual fantasies can be difficult to open up about – even with the person you’re sleeping with! – but as weird as some of them sound when you think about it, odds are that your sexual fantasies are totally within the realm of normalcy. In fact, one recent study set out to find out exactly how average the sexual fantasies of men and women actually are. The scientists at the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada set out to ask 1,517 people explicit details about their fantasies and then published the results in Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Not surprisingly, what they found was popular in the fantasy department varied between man and women. Women were much more likely to fantasize about having sex in a particular place, be it the kitchen counter or a public park. Women were also much more likely to fantasize about having sex with a stranger. Men, on the other hand, were much more likely to fantasize about butt sex, oral sex, and watching their lady get it on with another dude.

Still not convinced? Here’s why your sexual fantasies aren’t weird at all – I promise.

Your fantasies aren’t necessarily things you really want to do.

It’s pretty common for women to fantasize about sexing up another woman, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s something missing in your real sex life. This is why they’re called fantasies. This research showed that most women can distinguish between fantasy and desire.

Most fantasies are pretty average.

There are of course outliers and some people lean toward the more deviant of fantasy types but for the most part people fantasize about pretty average stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking about being submissive.

According to this study 30-60% of women fantasize about being in a submissive position such as being tied up. It doesn’t mean we really want to lose control, but maybe that from time to time a little escapism in our mind doesn’t hurt.

We think about oral.

According to the study 72.1 percent of women fantasize about giving head, while 78.5 percent fantasize about being involved in any manner.

Most women fantasize about their real life partner, at least some of the time.

Well aren’t we cute. If you’ve wondered if your fantasies are a little too realistic to be considered fantasies you’re not alone. Our real life men make their ways into fantasies and rock our world there too. A whopping 92.2 percent of women claimed that they like to experience feelings of a romantic connection in a fantasy.

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