Are You Psychic? If You Do Any Of These Things, You Might Be

Psychics are special kinds of people. Some don’t believe in them, but I’m guessing if you opened this article, you do believe. There are certain actions and characteristics that make up a psychic and they aren’t all predicting the future. Here are some that might even apply to you.

  1. You carry around a particular object for good luck. You have a stone, piece of nature, or some other knick-knack that may seem to others like purely an inanimate object. Though for you this object holds great power. You believe that it brings you luck, grounding, or some other useful experience. You don’t like to leave home without it because you swear that it brings what it promises.
  2. Deja vu is a common experience for you. Standing at a train station, a person walks by with a particular outfit on. You get the chills feeling like you’ve experienced this exact moment before. Many people experience deja vu to some extent, but not to the extent that you do. You regularly feel as if you’ve met someone or been somewhere that you logically know you haven’t been. If this happens frequently it may be an indication of psychic abilities.
  3. Your dreams have meaning or truth. As you’re sleeping, you’re having a vivid dream about how your mother is going to get the new job. It may seem to others that this is just any old dream, but you know that your dreams can often be an indication of something about to happen in real life. Sometimes they can be a guide or sometimes they can be a flat-out prediction. Regardless, there’s truth in your dreams.
  4. You’re far more sensitive to negativity. You really feel it when there’s someone who’s complaining and just overall being negative. It’s immensely difficult for you to be around people like this because it almost physically hurts you. You also really struggle to watch the news because you sense the negativity so strongly.
  5. Your gut instincts are impeccable. You meet a new person and you can tell instantly that something is off about the person. You may not even be able to put your finger on it, but you’re sure that this person isn’t a good one to be around. In other words, you can sense bad vibes from certain situations and people. This leads you to make wildly informed decisions, more so than your average person.
  6. Your senses are above average. You can see something moving quickly out of the corner of your eye. You can smell something from further away than your average person. You can hear the faintest whisper. Your senses are seriously strong. This can be an indication of having psychic abilities.
  7. You feel like you’ve met people before. You’re introduced to a friend of a friend who you’ve technically never met before, but you can’t shake the feeling that you know this person. It’s not uncommon for you to have this experience where you even feel like you know facts about the person before you’ve gotten to know them.
  8. You have times where you can tell the future. You’re thinking of a friend and suddenly your phone buzzes with their name appearing. It’s not that you can predict the stock market, but there are little experiences where you just know something before it happens. You may feel totally crazy, but it keeps happening. This can definitely be an indicator of being a psychic.
  9. You hear sounds or voices that others cannot hear. You may be hearing voices directly from your intuition or your higher self. Or, they may be from outside of you, who knows? Either way, there are voices that don’t just sound like normal thoughts. These voices may be guiding forces.
  10. Crowds are overwhelming. You’re in the middle of a crowd and your head is just pounding. You feel suffocated and overwhelmed all at the same time. It’s too much. You’re catching on to people’s energy, reading their experiences, and experiencing their emotions. Being psychic can sometimes be like a magnet for all sorts of things when around other people.
  11. You’re very empathetic. You’re regularly experiencing other people’s emotions. You’re going on the roller coaster of life with them. Naturally, this makes it so that you’re incredibly empathetic. You have a deep understanding of what others go through, so you’re far less likely to judge them.
  12. You strongly desire a connection with the divine. You’re hungry to grow closer to the spirit world. You read everything that you can, learn from mentors, and live a more spiritual life. You desire this connection with the divine because you know that it can help to guide you in your journey as a psychic. You may receive guidance and reassurance from the divine.
  13. You give great advice. As a result of being so connected with the spirit world and with your highest self, you’re able to give accurate advice. You can read a situation and its accompanying emotions and help someone out. You don’t promise that your advice is right 100% of the time, but it’s damn good most of the time.
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